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Sun 4 Mar 2018
at 02:05
High Powered Solo Pathfinder, Evil
I'm looking to play a high powered evil campaign in Pathfinder. I'd like to have some base building and army building aspects as well. I'm pretty open to setting and such, and hope to get down to not just the Roleplaying aspects, but the strategic overlord idea as well. Funding troops, conducting raids, burning goody two shoe villages, etc.

I should mention that, by high powered, I also mean my character. I'd like to be able to have a character that feels like he'd be a boss for hero's and adventurer's rather than on par with them, though start at level 1, and work (adventure, steal, slay, murder, mayhem) my way up in levels.

I'd prefer an Rmail, just as that pops up whenever I have a new message. Thanks in advance!

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Mon 19 Mar 2018
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High Powered Solo Pathfinder, Evil
Bump for interest!
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Mon 26 Mar 2018
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High Powered Solo Pathfinder, Evil
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Thu 12 Apr 2018
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High Powered Solo Pathfinder, Evil
Giving just a little bit of a bump.