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Thu 8 Mar 2018
at 01:27
High Level Pathfinder
Ok, here's what I am looking for

I am interested in playing in a high-level Pathfinder game, preferably into module 5 of an AP, and here's why. No game on rpol that I've ever been in has gotten into high levels before imploding or what not.

Specifically here are the APs I am interested in, though not in order

1) Rise of the Runelords
2) Curse of the Crimson Throne
3) Hell's Rebels
4) Mummy's Mask

All I ask, if someone is interested in doing this is allow the following

1) 25 pt build, no dump stat
2) No arbitrary limiting of classes, as I have 2 different characters I would like to run. I want to play either a Swashbuckler, with a twist, or a Kineticist.
3) The rest is all you.