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Fri 9 Mar 2018
at 03:56
Possible Pathfinder Fun
Being a longtime D&D player, I have heard much about Pathfinder. It sounds like a really fun game system, and I would like to give it a full try!
None of my face-to-face buds want to try it, so I'm looking for a DM that could take a newb through an adventure. Please RMail me if you're interested. Thanks!
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Sat 10 Mar 2018
at 14:06
Possible Pathfinder Fun
I would be interested in a Pathfinder game too!
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Mon 12 Mar 2018
at 14:27
Possible Pathfinder Fun
Be glad to play in it as well
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Tue 20 Mar 2018
at 13:36
Possible Pathfinder Fun
I am starting up a mid level pathfinder game. I don't mind helping out new players. I first learned to play pathfinder here. It is an adult game though.
link to another game
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Thu 22 Mar 2018
at 14:33
Possible Pathfinder Fun
Id be willing to run a mid-to-high level PF game . PM me with some details and I can get something going.
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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 03:49
Possible Pathfinder Fun

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