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Sun 25 Mar 2018
at 04:54
Wanted: Marvel Free-form ((Adult))
Greetings all potential GM's and well met.

I am seeking a free-form Marvel supers game. Can be either Super-hero or Super-villain. I can easily tweak his history. Solo or small group.

Can post at least 1/day. Possibly more.

Adult Rated. Or at the least, Mature.

Character Concept:

A Super-Skrull that was left behind after the Secret Invasion. Was forced to go in to hiding doing odd jobs here and there before finding a niche as a bounty hunter. Getting close to his targets by posing as family and friends. ((Or, if Super-villain... Corporate hitman)).

Kr'Bin ((AKA Korbin)), did not wish to be apart of the invasion. He didn't even want to undergo the genetic engineering process that would turn him in to a Super-Skrull. But he was a rather weak Skrull from a high standing family. And he wanted to marry the governors daughter. In order to, he had to undergo the process and prove himself worthy.

He was given the template of Wolverine and Sabretooth. His skeleton bonded with a form of vibranium that isn't affected by magnetism). His mission - get close to Magneto and kill him and then collect more DNA samples for the Skrull science engine.

Please rMail me.
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Sun 25 Mar 2018
at 11:45
Wanted: Marvel Free-form ((Adult))
Hello I have a Marvel Heroes and Villains game which is adult.  There are many characters but always room for more but the amount of players are fewer and always welcome new players.  you can play one or more characters.  It is adult but more based on action than sexual encounters. It is complete freeform too.

ADULT: MARVEL HEROES & VILLAINS  link to another game

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Fri 6 Apr 2018
at 21:27
Wanted: Marvel Free-form ((Adult))
Any other Marvel freeform games open and accepting players?

I can create a different character than the one stated above. I have a few in my mind.