Finn MacCool
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Tue 27 Mar 2018
at 08:18
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
As the title says, all Dwarven team from the Golushkin Mountains looking to form their own kingdom. This remnant of Clan Golka seeks a new home in the stolen lands, but will have to fight to claim it.

Since we are all from the Golka Clan, we would all be kin of some sort.

Golushkin Mountains

The Golushkin Mountains are home to Issiaís greatest concentration of natural resources, as the peaks sit upon deep veins of iron, nickel, copper, silver, and tin, along with some other useful or precious ores. Humans like the Surtovas showed little interest in mining these riches, particularly since the Golka clan of dwarves were already doing so. House Garess established trade with the mountain dwarves, making their fortune in metalwork.

Grayhaven - Small City: Pop 5,880 - High up in the foothills of the Goloshkin mountains, is a walled city that is the ancestral seat of House Garess. Much of its wealth has come from trading with the Golka Clan of Dwarves and working the metals that they bring out of their mines.

Highdelve - Lost underground town:  Pop 4500 - was the home Golka Clan of dwarves, which was lost in a major earthquake at the same time as House Rogavaria disappeared and Skywatch closed itself off.

Far over the Misty Mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To find our long forgotten gold...

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Wed 28 Mar 2018
at 14:58
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
If you don't already have a group for this, I'd be willing to play. If you do have a group, I'd be willing to join.
Finn MacCool
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Wed 28 Mar 2018
at 18:45
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
In reply to Lord_Johnny (msg # 2):

Awesome. Glad to have you with us. We are now two. A few more willing players and a DM are all we need. :)
Finn MacCool
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 08:35
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
Still looking. :)
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 14:51
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
Are you only interested in doing Kingmaker or would you be open to other APs with an all dwarf party?
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 16:09
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
I am all for this if it gets made. I love dwarves.
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 16:12
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
I'd be interested in joining as a player
Finn MacCool
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 20:39
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
In reply to jkeogh (msg # 5):

I like the idea of the dwarves looking for a new home of their own(and all that has to offer), and I feel the Kingmaker AP would best house that concept.

Glad to see more interest in this dwarven epic to be. All we really need now is a GM willing to see this through. :)

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Thu 5 Apr 2018
at 18:52
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
I might be open to running something like this, though I wouldnít want to use the Kingmaker AP, but instead all the kingdom rules it introduced.

What did OP have in mind in terms of post-rate, starting level, etc.?
Finn MacCool
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Fri 6 Apr 2018
at 08:25
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
In reply to belowa2x4 (msg # 9):

My concern about not using the Kingmaker AP is the potential for a lack of story and direction.

How about this, instead of going 1st level Stolen Lands(part 1), we could go 3rd level(or 4th level), beginning of River Runs Red(part 2). Perhaps another party(of elves and men) already completed part 1, only to have Restov give the rights to settle the land to us dwarves. That could be fun. :)

If you really want to run your own thing without Kingmaker, I would still be game. All I would ask is two things.

First, that the game would have a good mix of kingdom rules and story.

Second, that all who join this game(all of us), pledge on our honor that we will stick with this game for at least a six month period of time(hopefully longer). I know RL happens and sometimes people need to bow out, but besides RL emergences/unusual stuff we try our best to stick with it. :)

Post-rate would be about five posts pre-week minimum(Once Daily when in combat). Perhaps collaborative character generation(at least in terms of, what role in the kingdom we service and how we are related within our dwarven clan)?

What do you think, belowa2x4 ?

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Sat 7 Apr 2018
at 00:26
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
My only thing about the AP itself is that Iíve both run and played in it before. I actually tried to get a group of friends started on RPOL with it and we evertually transitioned to Roll20. I LOVE the kingdom building rules and am definitely all about story. In fact, there are a couple of other variant rules systems I would like to use. The social combat system from the ultimate intrigue book works really well in the PbP setting and also helps sustain and structure NPC interactions that arenít combative in the traditional sense. To go along with that, I also enjoy the background skill and downtime systems.

And, to be honest, I enjoy the bookkeeping. Itís almost like a mini game in itself. So player could engage at their preferred level of decision making and I will handle the number crunch and upkeep. As far as the posting rate and commitment, that sounds good to me.

I was thinking about it today, and I thought it might be interesting to move from the traditional end of the stolen lands (from the AP) to the area north of Pitax, west of the narlmarsh and slough. This is supported in the AP lore, which Iím pretty sure mentions other parties being sent out along with the PCsí. This could explain starting a little higher. Iíd like to start at 3. Group discussion around character creation and the initial establishing of the settlement is where we would start. Spending those starting BPs would also unlock some.kingdom achievements that will get the party well on their way to 4. Then, with the base camp established, exploration could become the focus. How does that sound?
Finn MacCool
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Sat 7 Apr 2018
at 05:30
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
Sounds kinda awesome!!!

When can we start? :)
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Sat 7 Apr 2018
at 15:28
Dwarven Kingmaker Pathfinder
No time like the present.

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