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Sun 8 Apr 2018
at 22:46
After the Bomb
Seeking a GM to run an After the Bomb game.  I'm thinking a few mutant animals low on resources come out of their Vault or Ark, or whatever you want to call their safe homebase, and have to venture out into an unexplored wilderness to find resources for the rest of their colony.

I have some experience with other Palladium games, but have yet to have the chance to play After the Bomb.

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Mon 9 Apr 2018
at 14:14
After the Bomb
I'd love to join in, I have the book but havn't ever played (or run) any Palladium games.
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Mon 9 Apr 2018
at 20:46
After the Bomb
I don't have the materials yet, but I'd be quite interested in playing.
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Sat 14 Apr 2018
at 03:52
After the Bomb
1st or 2nd edition. I have both and a character for second edition.
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Thu 19 Apr 2018
at 14:47
After the Bomb
As it so happens, I'm just in the process of organizing an After the Bomb game. It's a single adventure, a one-and-done, as though it were a single episode of a loosely serialized TV show.

We're playing an established group who've been out on the road together for a while.

We're using a hodegpodge of rules from various books (mostly a mix of 1st and 2nd edition ATB/TMNT stuff, with some low-powered Rifts mixed in), we're starting at 5th level, and we're not taking any of it too, too seriously.

I have three PC's with completed characters, and I'm in the market for one or two (maybe three) more players.

Here's the link:
link to another game

Come pop in, have a look. Feel free to ask questions or just shoot the breeze. The best thing about playing a Palladium game is geeking-out with similarly-minded nerds about how foolish it all is. :)

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