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Sat 14 Apr 2018
at 09:26
Anyone for Emergence?
So, I'm not sure if anyone else is familiar with the system or aware of it's existence, but I was hoping someone might want to run Emergence.

For those not in the know, Emergence is a cyberpunk fantasy rpg that is somewhat like Shardowrun in that there is magic and technology coinciding, but with a completely different setting than earth (Kython) by default, four races that can be mixed and matched for various mixed race characters, and a 3d6 rule set that results in less book keeping than Shadowrun.

In terms of actual play setting, using the default setting or one the GM comes up with is fine by me. I'm just personally a fan of the ruleset and would love to get a chance to really dig in and play it.
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Thu 3 May 2018
at 03:17
Anyone for Emergence?
I was in on their Kickstarter, ages ago! It's a fascinating world. I've never played or run it before, but I'd love to jump in on this.