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Sun 22 Apr 2018
at 20:18
Night Witches
So, Iím anxious to try out this Powered by Apocalypse game about the 588th Night Bomber Regiment (later 46th Guards Nght Bomber Aviation Regiment) of the Soviet Air Force during the 2nd World War. The thing about the particular historic unit, it comprised of women and women only. Flying obsolete Polikarpov U-2 bi-planes (later known as Polikarpov Po-2), they harrasment bombed the German troops every night, risking anti-aircraft fire and sometimes night fighters as well.

I am also prepared to play the game as a round-robin where players assume the position of GM when their characters get killed or incapacitated while the GM assumes the role of a replacement pilot.
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Mon 23 Apr 2018
at 04:15
Night Witches
It is a most excellent game, and I would love to play again.
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
at 13:39
Night Witches
I've seen this game and thought it looked good, can't recall if I got the rules or not. I'd be interested to play, but I don't have time to GM right now. If it doesn't fly,(!) try me again in a few months.