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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 16:49
Some games that might be fun
Hi, I'm Plonk, new to the site but not RPGs or play by post. Here are some games that I think might be fun, if anyone wants to run them:

1. Something in Dramasystem. I picked up Hillfolk but haven't had the chance to play yet, and I think it'd translate well to pbp. Doesn't have to be hillfolk, there's an SRD so it could be basically anything.

2. Some variant of Gumshoe. Esoterrorists, Fear Itself, Mutant City Blues, Ashen Stars. I feel Trail of Cthulhu gets the most attention, so something else would be nice.

3. A Fate game. Accelerated or Core, both are great.

I've been watching a lot of Babylon 5 on Netflix so I like the idea of something like that, but with a twist. Like a fort on the frontier of some fantasy world where the different races send their diplomats, or a cyberpunk city considered Neutral territory by the corps and cartels. The players would be either representatives of these different groups or their attaches. Lots of politics going on, but then something BIG happens that makes what used to be so important seem utterly trivial.

I'm not talking about "B5 but the Minbari are ELVES" just something along the same themes and moods.

Alternatively: A game set in a royal court (could be fantasy, sci fi, post apocalyptic) with the PCs as minor courtiers and functionaries as it slowly becomes more and more clear that the king/emperor/president/whatever is utterly mad. Conspiracies abound. Maybe the PCs represent one of the factions who wants to replace the Mad King, maybe they ARE a faction with one of them a contender for the throne, maybe they serve the mad king out of duty and have to make some hard choices, surrounded by those who would depose him.

Slight variation on the above: the liege they serve is the setting's primary antagonist. Not necessarily evil, but disruptive to the status quo. Maybe he has a true vision for a better world, and with the PCs as his agents need to advance his agenda while keeping away elements that would push their master "too far" or otherwise take advantage of the disruption, reveal plots, ferret out traitors and stop would-be "heroes."

Anyway I'm Plonk and that's the kind of game I'd like to play in.
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Thu 28 Jun 2018
at 16:51
Some games that might be fun
Rook Seidhr
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Fri 6 Jul 2018
at 03:01
Some games that might be fun
Still looking?
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
at 23:50
Some games that might be fun
I might be down for something like this, so count this as expressed interest.

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