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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 04:24
Epic Wheel of Time
I've played many an online game of Wheel of Time, and they all start out at 1st or 3rd or sometimes slightly higher...but I don't think I've ever seen a game (regardless of starting level) go much past 10th level.

I'm looking for a game that will allow players to experience the 'full' abilities of the Prestige Classes available in the 'Wheel of Time' roleplaying gamebook.  I'd also like players to have use of material from both "Age of Illusion" and "Under the Dragon's Banner" which are both labeled 'free sourcebook for the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game (I can provide links if needed).

I'd like to see the game be 21st level (but could go as low as 16 if 21 is asking too much.
I'd even agree to lower (10th?), but there would need to be some sort of static, set in place means of leveling outside of XP, unless XP is given out very liberally...1 level every 1-2 months?).

I'd like to see a cast consisting of (or working toward - depending on starting level) at least:

1 10th level Scout (from Age of Illusions; this would be my character)
1 10th level Warder
1 10th level Aes Sedai
1 10th level Gleeman
1 10th level Thief-Taker
1 10th level Blademaster
1 10th level Ogier Scholar (from Age of Illusions)

* note: Wolfbrother was intentionally excluded, the reasons for which, I'll provide to the GM.

I would like this party to all be or become Ta'varen (and be based off of a 36+ point buy for stats)

I would also like each player to be allowed to select 1 latent feat (and the feat that it is latent for) for free at 1st level.

My biggest concern with this campaign world (at least in my gaming experience) is that Aes Sedai and their Warders tend to outshine everyone else, given the power available to Aes Sedai...I'd like a GM who can find opportunity for other characters to shine...perhaps this won't seem so lopsided with higher level characters? I'd need a GM who can find a balance of power for the rest of the group.

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Wed 27 Jun 2018
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Epic Wheel of Time
I would be interested in playing as a Blademaster should a GM pick this up.

One solution for the Aes Sesai/Warder issue would be to have them 2-3 levels lower than the rest of the group.  They will be plenty able to keep up.

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Thu 5 Jul 2018
at 21:53
Epic Wheel of Time
Bump: Still looking for a GM.

Prospective GM's: Is there something about the request that, if altered, would make it a more desirable game to GM?
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Epic Wheel of Time
I would definitely be interested in this. I far prefer the SAGA edition conversion for Wheel of Time but I love the setting and am reasonably familiar with the official rules. Own the book and the short campaign published for it. I even ran a game once where I picked out things from the campaign and modified them to fit a D&D game.
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Epic Wheel of Time
So... Is that an interest in GMing, or as a player? :)
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Epic Wheel of Time
In reply to Sardis (msg # 5):

As a player... Sorry.
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
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Epic Wheel of Time
bump :)