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Fri 6 Jul 2018
at 03:23
Adult Duet Pathfinder
I've been playing in a lot of different games recently, but its been a while since I've been able to really sit down and do something on a more intimate level. I want to build a character, explore their fantasies, and watch as they become something more.

My ideal game would include some amount of combat, intrigue, sex, and maybe even a little base building.

For building a character, I'm not interested in gestalt. I am interested in a high point-buy, two traits, and starting at level 3. This way the character has some survivability, isn't a newbie adventurer, and still has plenty of room to grow.

I could probably fit in at least 1 post each day, but would prefer more. I'm all good with a sandbox setup, but having some defined points of interest based on what the character becomes would definitely help. For inspiration, I tend to lean towards martial characters or characters that combine martial abilities with spell abilities.

The setting can be left up to the DM. I'm fine with Golarion or Faerūn.

Many thanks for your consideration! Hopefully something fun can come of this!