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Mon 9 Jul 2018
at 04:51
Pathfinder 2nd edition playtest
I'm amazed no one has posted this yet. The playtest material goes public in a few weeks. I can't be the only one hoping to try it but without a local group to do so. I've read/watched some stuff on the new edition so far but I haven't started to form a picture in my head of what it's really going to be like yet. Will it fix the issues I have with Pathfinder? Will I continue to prefer 5e D&D, even with it's limited options (by my standards)? I want to find out.
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
at 12:36
Pathfinder 2nd edition playtest
I'm vaguely planning to run something in the weeks after release.  I'm just not following it closely enough to try to do it on day zero.  Keep an eye on the players wanted forum for what I eventually do.

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Mon 9 Jul 2018
at 17:14
Pathfinder 2nd edition playtest
Yeah, I figure we won't see a PF2 game until a few days after the playtest launch.  There's a lot to absorb.  I mean, it'll be a 9mm stopping monster of a printed book in the end, so 500-ish pages.  Yeah, that's a bit of reading...