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Sat 11 Aug 2018
at 07:24
Make me bleed my own blood!
Right. Now that the title's got you here, I've got a few games that need playtesting and a very strong desire to not run games on this site. Maybe they're good, maybe they're bad, I don't know. I suppose in a way, if they're judged poorly enough that could be me bleeding my own blood.

One of my systems (a Criminal Sandbox) currently has an active game, so while setting up another game for it isn't super urgent, I would want to set the second game in an era other than prohibition/dust bowl.

A second system is for playing the girls trying to get senpai in visual novels. I've only played it in one setting, so I'm up for whatever someone else comes up with.

A third system for horror RPs designed with the intent of avoiding the Cthuloid SHMUPS that other horror games tend to sort of devolve into. It's primarily for slashers, because my interest in other kinds of horror is not nearly as strong, and any threat of kaiju scale or greater bores me to tears. Suspense is tolerable, but campy is ideal.

I can't really name any of these systems because they could be used to identify games I'm running or have run, and that's part of the reason I don't want to run any games on this site any more. The are all available for download on my discord, which of course, I also don't think I can link here, but will make available upon request.

As for rating, I can tolerate Mature, but I really don't like censorship, so adult is preferred.

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