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Thu 30 Aug 2018
at 21:02
Mutant: Year Zero
I am looking for a GM to run a game of M:YZ. I have started in a couple of games in other sites that, unfortunately have not lasted more than a single venture into the Zone.

Are there other M:YZ mutants out there ready to search for Eden?
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Thu 30 Aug 2018
at 21:12
Mutant: Year Zero
I'd probably be interested in a Mutant Year Zero game! Although admittedly I'd be more interested in Mutant Mechatron than a pure Zone/Eden game.
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Fri 12 Oct 2018
at 06:58
Mutant: Year Zero
I've been dying for a MYZ game on here but nothing ever seems to materialize.
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 The tide of battle favors
 those who can swim.
Fri 12 Oct 2018
at 17:51
Mutant: Year Zero
This is the only Free League game I haven't played yet. I'd certainly be interested if someone wanted to run it.