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Mon 24 Sep 2018
at 16:59
Runequest Glorantha?
Surely to goodness someone, somewhere would like to run a Runequest Glorantha campaign?

Back in the day the most fun I ever had roleplaying was when using Runequest. I'd love to play in a PBP version of the game now that it's been repackaged, revamped and relaunched.

Any takers?
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Tue 25 Sep 2018
at 07:53
Runequest Glorantha?
I would most def be interested in playing, too.
The Glorantha games that are currently on RPoL have proved to be too fast-paced for me though.
I could commit to up to 3 Posts/week at most.
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Wed 26 Sep 2018
at 15:26
Runequest Glorantha?
Heya :)

That would be a good surprise to discover such a game could be joined here.
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Thu 27 Sep 2018
at 15:55
Runequest Glorantha?
Can't help you with the RuneQuest side of things but, if Glorantha is the greater part of your interest, I am running a HeroQuest game set there.
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Tue 2 Oct 2018
at 08:03
Runequest Glorantha?
I would be interested in a HQ game.
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Sat 24 Nov 2018
at 15:15
Runequest Glorantha?
I'm starting a RQG game: link to another game

But please: I expect at least three posts a week, preferably at least one a day or more.

Also please no Gloranthan Illuminated who tells me I'm doing Glorantha wrong ;). My Glorantha Will Vary.