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Thu 8 Nov 2018
at 18:37
Looking for CO-GMs for my EVIL Campaign (Adult)
As per the title, I'm looking for help running my game, which is a 5e EVIL campaign with very simple rule set. Due to it being focused on evil players, I made it an adult game just to make it safe. The limitations for my game are quite simple so that any GMs helping wont have a problem keeping up.

For starters, I didn't allow my players to go multi classing or even use home-brew settings, race and classes. The World and campaign itself is based off of my own original ideas despite it running parallel to the forgotten realms lore. Also all players start with their memory wipe, so its easy to world build with a blank slate when it comes to these types of scenarios.

What I need help with, is the occasional dungeon 'sessions' or adding to the lore that I have already made. Giving me new ideas and events to further help players immerse more into this world. I would also need help making NPCS, events, scenarios and even item creations for players in the game. I will do most of the world's foundation and do most of the hard work, but there will be occasions when I'm busy with a certain day and I would need someone to take over to get one group moving in their session.

The game currently has three active parties exploring the world I made, I might add more resulting in 4-5 active parties during the current campaign so as not to overburden myself from this massive undertaking I will need help to regulate and manage some of the minuscule work load. so I might need atleast 2 Co-GMs

If you are indeed interested to help just RTJ me link to another game
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Mon 26 Nov 2018
at 16:53
Looking for CO-GMs for my EVIL Campaign (Adult)
Already found one Co-GM. Will need another one if anyone is interested, if you have questions just PM me your inquiries.