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Wed 5 Dec 2018
at 17:07
Seeking Rifts Game, Palladium or Savage Worlds
Looking for a somewhat unique game using/with the Rifts setting.

A sandbox setting where the players themselves are rifted in is what I am looking for. This has been done before and has created some really interesting games. An openness for the GM allowing the players, moving into RCCs and OCCs would be a good thing for the players.

If interested in GMing maybe we can get a group together for some Sandbox fun in the weird wild world of Rifts.
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 20:14
Seeking Rifts Game, Palladium or Savage Worlds
I'd be interested in joining this if it gets off the ground. Big fan of the Palladium system specifically for Robotech 'a la big stompy robots', but have a fair bit of Rifts source material and background in the setting as well.

I have no experience with Savage Worlds unfortunately.