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Fri 14 Dec 2018
at 20:27
Dragonmech Campign
Just throwing this out there.  I hadn't seen a campaign run in Dragonmech but I would love to play it.  May be an interesting challenge for a DM.

Dragonmech is a D&D (d20) spin off with mechs which run on various things (steampower, magic, labor, etc...).  Seems kind of like Escaflowne, the anime.
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Fri 14 Dec 2018
at 22:58
Dragonmech Campign

Not that I need another game, but I would be down to play this.
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Sat 15 Dec 2018
at 06:33
Dragonmech Campign
Is there a book to this? And yeah i second shadewolfe on the like I need another game and would be down to play in theory.
Sleeping Darkness
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Sat 15 Dec 2018
at 18:03
Dragonmech Campign
Yes, the DragonMech Campaign Setting by Goodman Games for 3.5 D&D.

The setting is a world with one big continent that's mostly flat and with tides that can change by 30 feet in a year, forcing essentially all non-dwarven civilization to be nomadic. At some point in the past, the moon almost crashed into the planet, possibly at the behest of a bunch of psychotic moon gods. As a result of this closeness the surface world gets spammed with meteor showers and "lunar dragons" that were doing a good job at killing everything until a mysterious dwarf invented mechs, which are good at fighting dragons, and also basically everything else.

Now people live in "city mechs" and fight dragons with big mechs. Clerics suck (the gods are pretty busted-up and this translates to nerfed divine casting, so don't play a cleric) wizards rule (they can make constructs doubleplusgood, and they can make the best and most epic kind of mechs) and there are some alternate rogue/ranger variants of little impact. New races include tech-only warforged, extra-ninja halflings, and turtle people. New classes include Awesome Guys who get to pilot mechs and be awesome (play this one), coglayers who have a very cool system for putting together high-complexity inventions and more importantly you need somebody to play them to build all the mechs except for the top-tier magical ones, and like an Urgot class for people who want to become androids for whatever reason.

It's arguably peak 3.5: gonzo, epic, and very fun if you make the right choices.
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 this was just fields...
Sun 16 Dec 2018
at 04:12
Dragonmech Campign

 I have the books and would likewise, be up for playing. ^_^
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Mon 17 Dec 2018
at 14:53
Dragonmech Campign
Yeah, it seems really cool.  I never heard of it before last week and grabbed the book.
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Wed 19 Dec 2018
at 19:10
Dragonmech Campign
I'd definitely be interested in playing :-). I still think it's a great concept and I have some of the books for it :-)