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Sat 15 Dec 2018
at 02:18
Some idea I had (Lethal Weapon cont.) Modern AGE
Back in the day they had a set of 4 movies that were pretty good over the top buddy cop fun. 4 was made in 1998, so now it's 20 years later and the time is right to ignore the fact that everyone tells me the new show is less over the top buddy cop, and more police procedural sorta buddy cop with characters the wiki calls "loosely inspired" by the originals (some of whom aren't even on the show because reasons or whatever)

What I'm looking for is something a little different.

I want a game in which Martin Riggs' son (Jack Riggs--so named because the case Martin and Lorna were investigating at the time they met involved a dirty cop named Jack Travis, and the fact they were both investigating him is practically the only reason they met--played by me) comes back from a middle east to a Riggs/Murtaugh family Christmas dinner. He's getting off the plane, and gets a call from Nick Murtaugh, who is pulling up in the driveway of the Murtaugh house when a bomb goes off. Now Nick and Jack have to figure out who killed their family and why.

I want it in Modern AGE.

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