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Tue 18 Dec 2018
at 20:10
Harry Potter Request
I was wondering and I figured it could not hurt to ask, if someone would be willing to run a Harry Potter game using this scenario.

Hogwarts was rebuilt after the Second Wizarding War and has been taking on students for two decades now. It is still considered one of the greatest institutions of magical learning in the world with some of the best and most legendary wizards molding the young minds of witches and wizards. But what if the greatest threat to Hogwarts did not come from outside but within its walls?

Hogwarts has a very dark secret. Suppose that there was a very small but dangerous structural flaw within it, one which could lead to catastrophic structural failure that could bring the whole castle down. This flaw was well hidden and its effects was very subtle and difficult to notice even with a trained eye. Also the castle's magic was used to sustain and strengthen its structure which somewhat stopped the flaw from weakening its structural integrity. But now age and constant battles within the castle has weakened this magic, allowing the flaw to slowly erode the structural integrity of the castle. Because the flaw is an engineering and  science mistake as opposed to a magical one. So the teachers and staff are unaware of this flaw and the danger it creates.

What do you think?