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Mon 14 Jan 2019
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Solo Pathfinder (“Queenmaker”) or FATE
Note: This post is for a solo game. If you are interested in being the GM, please send me an rMail.

I'm looking for a GM interested in running either a Pathfinder campaign using the kingdom building rules from Ultimate Campaign or FATE (Core or Accelerated) with some extras, but either way, I'd like to do something a little different. Instead of being the typical adventuring hero, I would instead want my character to be the classically archetypical princess. The one that meets various adventuring heroes (because they always want to talk to someone important), is sometimes in need of rescue (I don’t mind if she’s often a damsel in distress), and fills the role of the usual NPC princess (I would even be fine with the Aristocrat NPC class in Pathfinder).

I see my character as being on the opposite end of your typical campaign, but I see a lot of potential and I think it could be great fun. Plus, I won't complain about some really good GMPCs!

As far as interests, I'd say mostly kingdom building, but with intrigue and political maneuvering being the "adventures" that take place in-between, instead of your usual "go out and kill the monsters", since my character would typically be limited to the city/kingdom and doesn't go out on adventures. And yes, wanting to play with the Ultimate Campaign rules (or extras in FATE) are a big part of it! Perhaps one or both of her parents are also adventurers (maybe she’s the daughter of a PC who married his or her princess/prince, or even both parents are adventurers) and she is often left to run things while they are away.

But it would also be fun to be on the opposite side of the typical PC in other ways, as well. For example, adventurers come to town and request to see the princess. Or someone needs to be rewarded for a deed by the princess. Or there are monsters doing bad monster stuff, and she needs to hire a party of adventurers to deal with them, etc. All that stuff could be great fun! Also, we could even begin with all the Leadership Roles being generic characters, filling them with trustworthy (or not) NPCs encountered along the way.

Please send an rMail for further discussion if you’re interested!

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