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Tue 15 Jan 2019
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Team 7 - Modern D20 / Superhero D20 - Gestalt
My brother (Sardis) and I are looking for a GM to run a game based on Team 7 from the Image Comic book series of the same name.  The game would begin with characters being elite soldiers who are members of Team 7 just prior to their exposure to the Gen factor.

Looking to use the D20 Modern Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (WotC).

A team of 6 Gestalted 20th level characters.

The GM, after choosing 6 players, would randomly assign each character their base classes.  One side of the Gestalt would be a physical attribute based core class (Strong Hero, Fast Hero, or Tough Hero) and the other side would be a mental attribute based Class (Smart Hero, Dedicated Hero, or Charismatic Hero).  Ensuring that no two characters have the same 2 core classes in their build.

Each character would possess 10 levels of their core class.

The GM would then randomly assign one of the 2 Pre-Gen Advanced Classes keyed to each of their base classes as laid out in Chapter 6. (Strong Hero = Soldier or Martial Artist, Fast Hero = Gunslinger or Infiltrator, Tough Hero = Daredevil or Bodyguard, Smart Hero = Field Scientist or Techie, Dedicated Hero = Field Medic or Investigator and Charismatic Hero = Personality or Negotiator.) Ensuring that no two characters share the same Pre-Gen Advanced class.

Each Character would possess 10 levels of their assign Pre-Gen Advanced Class.

The Game would begin Here.

Their first mission would be where the Team comes in contact with the Gen Factor.

At this point the Gestalt would begin progressing in Post-Gen advanced classes outlined here: (OGL)

based on each side of the gestalts keyed attribute.  Characters with Strong Hero would progress in the Mighty Superhero, Fast Hero into The Swift Superhero, Tough Hero into The Vital Superhero, Smart Hero into The Mental Superhero, Dedicated Hero into The Alert Superhero, and Charismatic Hero into The Charismatic Superhero.

This would generate 6 unique characters, with each core class being shared by only 2 members (but with varying feat and talent selections they can still be completely unique), with no 2 members sharing the same 2 core classes and no character sharing the same Pre-Gen advanced classes and with each Post-Gen Advanced Class being shared by only 2 members, with no two members sharing the same two Post-Gen Advanced Classes.

Characters would gain levels automatically every 3 months of game play to offset Play by Post level creep.  They would not gain Post-Gen levels immediately but at the end of the first 3 months of game play (Real Time).  This will allow players to discover who their character is, personality, mannerisms, likes and dislikes, etc, prior to gaining their 1st level of super powers.

All characters will be static to the game in that if a player leaves or is removed the character is taken over by a new player, as is, with no changes, name or otherwise.

Team 7 Synopses from Wikipedia:

Team 7 was officially the seventh incarnation of a group of military specialists gathered from various government forces (a Team Zero was later revealed, making Team 7 the group's eighth incarnation).

Team 7 took its orders from Miles Craven, director of International Operations. Craven wanted his own army of superhumans, and therefore dropped a chemical known as the "Gen-factor" on the members of Team 7 during a (suicide) mission. When they awoke from their Gen-factor induced comas, Team 7 was told that the enemy had dropped a chemical weapon on them. As a result of the Gen-factor, Team 7 (except for Michael Cray) started to develop superhuman powers. It would be years before Cray himself would develop similar abilities. Team 7 member Cole Cash distrusted Craven and suspected that he was behind the experiment. Several members of Team 7 were unable to cope with their new powers and went mad or committed suicide. At least one had to be shot during a subsequent mission. As a test, Craven dropped a "low-yield nuke" on Team 7. The members survived through co-operation and went into hiding.

Sometime later, Team 7 returned to work for I.O. and were sent to destroy a cache of nuclear weapons from Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge could get them. The team succeeded, but learned that a pair of Soviet superhumans were trailing them. They battled them, but they turned out to be too strong and Jackson Dane went into a coma. The Cambodian blind girl X'ing X'iang, who had displayed superhuman mental powers before, overpowered one of the Soviet agents, while Michael Cray shot the other one. The team returned to the U.S. and took X'ing X'iang with them.

Years later, the Team 7 members were ordered to bring in the Soviet scientist, Dbovchek. Cole Cash entered the Soviet Union on his own to find out more about Dbovchek while the rest of the team went on the mission. Dbovchek turned out to be one of the main scientists behind the Russian psionic program. The mission turned out to be a failure; Dbovchek was killed and Cash was captured. Cash discovers that his mental powers were waning, but John Lynch saved him.

Back in the U.S., Jackson Dane awoke from his coma under the influence of International Operations. Dane's powers turned out to be far stronger than the rest of Team 7 combined, but Cray brought in X'ing X'iang who freed Dane. She found out through Dane that Miles Craven had become interested in the children of Team 7, so most Team 7 members took their families and went into hiding. This would turn out to be the end of Team 7, though most members would stay in contact and occasionally reunite.

Jackson Dane would lead a new Team 7 years later.

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Wed 16 Jan 2019
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Team 7 - Modern D20 / Superhero D20 - Gestalt
i want to play
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Tue 22 Jan 2019
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Team 7 - Modern D20 / Superhero D20 - Gestalt
We have 3 players interested.  Still looking for a good GM to take this on.

As a prospective GM if you have a preferred system that you feel also would work please feel free to suggest it.

Number of players, game system and levels are all negotiable.  It is the Team 7 concept that we are really looking for.
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Wed 30 Jan 2019
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Team 7 - Modern D20 / Superhero D20 - Gestalt