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Fri 18 Jan 2019
at 16:44
Dungeon crawl.
Looking for a game or a gm to create one that is dungeon crawl heavy.

Looking for 15th level 3.5/Pathfinder

I want to avoid min maxing and uber optimization so would like to see each player limited to 3 or 4 sources in their build besides the players handguide.

If a GM feels they can handle gestalt I'd like to see one side static with just a class and no PRC, with the other limited to 2 LA a core class and 1 PRC.  I am tired of all the 1 or 2 level dipping that is so frequently common. (This being the reason most Gestalt games burn out GM's, that and uber optomization)

Of course all the characters would be dungeon orientated.  Perhaps a small party of 4, 6 if no gestalt.

They could be simple cave/dungeon explorers, tomb robbers, or some such thing at the start and develop into a story arch that has them searching for a mythical magic item that is needed in the world above to prevent or stop a destructive, oppressing war.  Story is flexible though.

I have been thinking about the caves of chaos I used to play 30 years ago and miss that exploratory glory of finding lost hidden treasures in the bowels of the earth.

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Fri 18 Jan 2019
at 17:34
Dungeon crawl.
I would definitely be interested as a player. Having tromped around those very caves years ago, to do something similar would be quite nostalgic.
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Sat 19 Jan 2019
at 18:16
Dungeon crawl.
I am very interested to play as well. I do not have the opportunity to be a DM, sadly.
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Sat 26 Jan 2019
at 00:38
Dungeon crawl.

We have 3 players interested but still need a GM.
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Sat 26 Jan 2019
at 01:44
Dungeon crawl.
I'm interested as a player
Bane Root
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Sat 26 Jan 2019
at 03:32
Dungeon crawl.
The underdarker the better.
I'm in as a player.
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Sun 27 Jan 2019
at 19:20
Dungeon crawl.
I would be interested as a player. Not as DM, can't deal with that any more.