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Lady Cerridwen Chisholm Beaupre' - PGM
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Sun 15 May 2016
at 12:52
Pendennis Castle is in Falmouth and I in real life visited it two years ago on vacation.

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Lord Ellis Aitichson
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Tue 17 May 2016
at 03:00
After Ellis arrived home he set about preparing to become the substitute Scarecrow. He enlisted the help of Herald, his manservant, and Martha, Herald’s wife. They took an old pillow case and copied the Scarecrows mask and got together some old clothes to finish off the costume. Ellis practiced speaking in a “gravelly” voice like the Scarecrow used. Both Herald and Martha told him that no one would ever guess it was him when he used the voice. Finally, Ellis worked on the Scarecrow’s somewhat maniacal laugh. Around dusk, Ellis set off for the road to Pendennis Castle to make a raid as the Scarecrow.

He waited near a rather sharp bend in the road where he knew a coach would have to slow down to safely navigate the turn. Eventually, Ellis heard a coach approaching and decided it was time! As the coach came around the bend, he rode out, laughed in the Scarecrow’s maniacal laugh, and pointed his pistol at the driver. The driver brought the carriage to a halt and Ellis rode around so he could look in the carriage. There was a cowering old nobleman and his rather attractive, young wife. The Scarecrow said in his “gravelly” voice, “You look like you would like to make a donation to help the destitute!” The nobleman whined, “Don’t kill me!” and the Scarecrow laughed maniacally and then said, “I wouldn’t waste a bullet on the likes of you! Just give me your money pouch.” The nobleman tossed the purse to the Scarecrow. Ellis took all the coins except two and tossed the pouch back saying, “Never let it be said the Scarecrow leaves anyone wanting,” He rode back to the driver and said, “Go! Don’t look back or I will be forced to shoot you!” With that said, the carriage took off hastily down the road. Ellis rode back it to the forest and gradually made his way back to his lowly manor.

Ellis went in and told Herald and Martha to ensure the money was distributed to the needy in the village. He was so full of energy, Ellis couldn’t just sit at home so he decided to head to the Deadman’s Inn and have a few drinks.
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh
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Thu 1 Jun 2017
at 03:31
The Scarecrow meet his smuggling crew on the road. It was a different group from the group he had worked with a few nights ago. He had learned from the Scarecrow before him that it was best to have several crews. That way, the same people were not always unaccounted for when the Scarecrow strikes.

"Hurry up lads. Get those goods to the village before soldiers show up" he said in his gravelly voice. As his crew began moving on, he heard hoof beats in the distance and knew soldiers were coming. He said to the smuggling crew over his shoulder, "I'll lead the soldiers on a different path. Take care of yourselves."  He rode off toward the soldiers.

The Scarecrow waited at a bend in the path and when the soldiers were close enough for them to hear him, he let out the infamous Scarecrow laugh. The soldiers immediately began their pursuit. There were pistol shots and he heard the sound of bullets whizzing by! The chase was long and arduous but he eventually lost his pursuers.

He made his way back to his home to get a little more rest and then he would go and find Elijah.
Lord Ellis Aitichson
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Fri 11 Aug 2017
at 21:58
When Ellis got to his home, he changed out of his Scarecrow outfit and put the clothes back on that he had worn the day before. He decided to sneak back to the Deadman’s Inn and Penny to provide an alibi for his evening activities. To be seen there in the morning in the same clothes may provide proof against some of the suspicions about the Scarecrow. He left his home and cautiously made his way back to Penny!
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