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The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters

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Fri 20 Sep 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
Smythe glanced about as he stepped on the deck, his glare burning through anyone who had the misfortune of being on deck as he followed the Swan to her cabin.

He decided that business would have to supplant pleasure for this night.  "Get your maps, and let us plan this quickly.  I have things which must be completed before morning, and while spending some time chasing you over a bottle of good red wine would be most satisfying, I fear that perhaps another night we can cement our partnership."

He stood watching her and waited, for all appearances, he could be a statue standing in the park.
Black Swan
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Thu 26 Sep 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
She nodded and felt at ease with Smith as if she knew him.  Putting the maps on the table she pointed out the route that the Sea Witch was taking.  "I do not know why this ship is coming so close to Tortuga but it is the first of many I plan on us taking.  It will be glorious!" she exclaimed as she relished in her first strike against Jonathan.

Laughing nervously at his hint of mischieft she drew a breath and let it out slowly.  "We shall do just that and share the wine of our spoils.  I hear that Beaupre' sends some of his finest wines to be sold in America. Might as well help our selves to some of the spoils.  We do need a safe place to store our booty.  Do you know of such a place.  I would like to see the Sea Witch either go to America to bring back goods and rob it in turn on its return.  In other words we would hit it going and coming.  What say you Smith?"
Captain Smyth
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Thu 26 Sep 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
"It matters not why it is here, it only matter that it is here.  Now, since ships traveling to and from the Americas are usually in groups, or have an escort, or have canon for protection, we have to assume the Witch is outfitted for defenses against pirates like us.  That means we will have to hit hard and fast enough so that fighting back will not cross their minds, or we will end up sinking the ship and losing our ill gotten gains."  He studied the Swan through his mask, "I wonder if she has the stomach for this.  I guess we shall soon see."

"Once we take the ship, we can remove what we will and bring it back to Tortuga.  I have my storage places, as I am sure you have yours.  It is never good to let other Pirates know where you store your riches."  He stepped back and pointedly let his eyes wander down her torso and legs, then blinked quickly and continued, "Once we capture the ship, we can then decide what to do with it.  If it resists, it may not be capable of making it to the Americas."
Black Swan
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Fri 27 Sep 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
Swallowing hard as she listened her mouth went dry.  She and Tom had never undertaken such a challenge.  Turning just in time to see Cpt Smith's perusal of her body she felt he was almost undressing her with his eyes.  Her heart speeded up and she was unsure what was going to happen but she had to get enough booty to pay off the mortgage on her estate.  ~Damn you Jon, Damn you to hell!  if you would only have listened to me that I love you and that is why I married you but that will be ended as swiftly as it happened I am sure.  How dare you tell me you would not divorce me and I would stay as your trophy wife and lose my estate, the only thing left of my mother....~ she finished speaking out loud without realising it. "You Bastard" she said through clenched teeth.

Suddenly she realised what she had said. "I am sorry Smith I just lost in thought a bit and was thinking of someone else.  So we are agreed we set sail tomorrow.  We hit swift and hard and take the booty.  What booty do you desire in this endeavour?" she asked just to make pleasant conversation.  Little did she know the innuendo of her words.
Captain Smyth
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Sun 29 Sep 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
Smythe smirked and his voice held an edge of derision, contempt, maybe scorn, "So, our little venture is not enough to keep your attention?"  He shook his head and sighed, "Yes, we float with the high tide, and leave the port here together.  Should we separate, we meet up at this point.  Be there by noon, or I shall carry on the attack alone."

He again looked at her, and this time his eyes caught hers and held her gaze.  "As for the 'booty' I desire, I am much more interested in a 'treasure'.  Perhaps we shall find it in our little venture, I know I an enjoying the chase."

He turned to leave her cabin,  "Soon we shall meet again, and we can speak more of this 'treasure' that I pursue."
Black Swan
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Thu 17 Oct 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
Puzzled at his words she had no idea in her still naive mind what he was speaking of.  She felt an energy when he was near and one that only Jon had awakened in her.  As he spoke his voice seemed to change and as she looked into his eyes she was suddenly awash with memories of another man.  She did not dare show her face to Smith as he had seen her and fought her as Cerri.  A bit puzzled as to just what this man looked like that he wore a mask all the time.  Well she would ask Tom about that in the morning as they set sail.

"I have no clue as to what you are looking for but I do wish you luck in finding it Cpt Smith.  We shall definitely be there to set sail together.  Goodnight Cpt Smith and we shall see you on the rising." she smiled beneath her veil and gave him a sassy wink goodnight.
Black Swan
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Wed 23 Oct 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
"Wait! Cpt Smith, there is something that you might help me with.  The sword that Dreadwalker unveiled in the meeting.  I would be very grateful and pleased if I might acquire it for my own.  It is just a woman thing but I would be veeeeery grateful if one might find out if I could buy it from him.  I will ask but perhaps you might have a better bartering skill for it." she said as she had thought of Jon when Smith got close to her physically and her mind went to that sword.  Somehow she would get it and return it to Jon .... perhaps in a final farewell.

The bastard!

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Fri 25 Oct 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
"Dreadwalker will not give up that blade easily.  If I do manage to 'acquire' the blade, then I shall name my price, and you best be prepared to meet it."  he again swept his gaze over the Swan from head to toe.

He turned and strode from her room, his laughter floating on the breeze.

Now to get a sword...  apparently there WAS more then one way to make a woman squirm...

That thought ran through his mind as he made his way off the deck and onto the warf.
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Fri 25 Oct 2013
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Re: The Black Swan ~ Captain's Quarters
Listening to the hearty laugh it rang of male masculinity and she was beginning to wonder just what was she up to.  Had she given up her home to Durnley she would be in Jonathan's arms still.  But truth would be told and once he caught word of what she had set out to do and what really HAD happened he would have reacted the same.  His words rang in her head and that he would NOT divorce her but she would not leave the house except with him and she had best act the loving wife in public.  Or what?  Then the dark remembrance of fight her father and mother had had and seeing him literally strangling her over the banister until she collapsed and then her body fell to the marble floor below.  Thank goodness she hid in the shadows as she always did when they fought.  Her mother STAYED the dutiful wife to a monster!

~Oh Jon if you could only have listened and let me tell the whole story.  If only we had not fought, if only ..... If only I could turn back time.~ she thought to herself and then lay down on her berth for a fitful sleep with visions of Jon strangling her and herself falling over the banister to the floor below.  As she slept she tossed and turned and sobbed in her sleep as she had many nights since that ball.  Come morning she would be more determined than ever to bring Jonathan Beaupre' to ruin. She would not do it alone, she could not do it alone but how much could she trust any but Tom, Betsy, and Delia who poor woman had gotten caught up in all of this mess.