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Wed 29 Oct 2008
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Character Creation
 It is important that you think of a good background for your character, which leads to a personality that you can ROLE-PLAY.
 You may wish use the table in Lands of Legend to roll for your character background, or simply make one up based on your knowledge of Legend.
 In either case, the GM will then review your suggestion and possibly tweak it to dovetail nicely with how you came to be in Thuland.

1. Roll PRIMARY ATTRIBUTES using 3d6
2. Roll Health Points using correct dice and modifiers for your character
3. You may optionally reroll EITHER:
 a. ONE attribute which is below 9
 b. Health Points
4. Distribute the rolls between your attributes as you see fit - as long as it fits with your characters back-story.

1. Make a reasonable suggestion for your character's starting equipment.  You do not have to be TOO strict about following the rules or monetary value - as long as you don't go over the top.
2. For late joiners the GM MAY alter your starting equipment to fit in with the story.

LANGUAGES: you may roll these as per DW rules, or basically choose them based on your back-story.  The GM is happy to give a character a "more than average" set of languages as long as it makes sense given their background.

Here you should fill in a brief description of how OTHER PLAYERS would see you.  Should include physical description (photo/picture is optional) and obvious personal mannerisms.  Should NOT say things that only PLAYERS know, for instance "Sorcerer" as in the world of Legend magic-using professions tend to keep a low profile.

Now a DW character sheet is a simple thing but everyone should use the following format to make it easier for the GM.  Remember that only your character and the GM would know this information so you should put it in the "Character Sheet" section (accessed by clicking Character Details -> Edit Character Sheet at top-left corner of RPOL screen).

Experience: 0 / 30

 Psychic Talent:

HEALTH POINTS: (current) / (normal)


 Magical Attack:
 Magical Defence:
 Magic Points: (current) / (normal)





 Gold Crowns:
 Silver Florins:
 Copper Pennies:
 Other treasures:



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Thu 6 Nov 2008
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Re: Character Creation
We're using the backgrounds and languages from The Lands of Legend, too.
I'll roll for your languages and stuff since I have the book and I know some of you don't.

For the background, we can roll if you have no idea but if you do, please go ahead and submit a background of your own!

Of course it needs to work with the campaign starting in Thuland.
Which also means everyone not native from Thuland will need to speak Visic at an intermediate level, which might requiring some dice fudging.

Oh and please be good guys.
There will be enough bad guys out there, we don't need any in the party. :P

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Fri 31 Jul 2009
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Keeping track of Health Points
Please keep your charsheet up-to-date with current HP and a record of WHEN you got wounds on your charsheet.  This is because in DW, wounds heal counting from when they were taken, representing the body's natural healing process.

Here is an example:

 Ploh-Monath 3rd
  wounded by goblins -8
  healed by Beren +2
 Ploh-Monath 4th
  wounded by thing -3
  healed by Beren +2

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Sat 14 Nov 2009
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Experience Criteria
I don't consider DW's rules for experience to be entirely appropriate for long-running overlandish campaigns like this one, nor quick enough for a PBP.  On the other hand I am not a fan of power-gaming.   So here are the criteria I roughly use to allocate XP.  Though at the end of the day I am the GM so I reserve the right to make things up as I go along, and not get into debates with Players about XP awards.

1. Battle Experience
Just as in the core rulebooks - 1XP per rank of foe defeated.  Except that defeated doesn't necessarily mean dead - might just mean sufficiently knocked about.

2. General Experience
Per game day that you were actively adventuring:
 0 XP if you were really a dull boy
 1 XP if you made some (attempt to) use your profession's abilities during the course of the day
 2+ XP if you also managed to be really creative or make a significant turn to the story

3. Posting Experience
3.1. For every 100th post AS LONG AS is it is an IC post: XP equal to the highest-ranking active PC in your thread - this represents the fact that characters learn from their companions, especially when those companions are more experienced.
3.2 For every 1000th post AS LONG AS is it is an IC post: 1 XP per 000 (e.g. 2000 = 2) for the poster, and as per rule 3.1 for all other active characters.

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