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Thu 6 Nov 2008
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Combat Rules and Reminders
When there is combat in this game, please post your narrative, and in the same post use a private line to GM to indicate your attack, armour bypass and any other relevant rolls in order to make the GM's life easy.  Once everyone has posted their action for a round, the GM will post the resolution of the round, taking into account Reflexes etc.  If you are going to be away during a combat, please let the GM know so he can NPC you.

Sometimes you'll want to wait what your slower spellcasting friend will do, or you'll want to wait for the enemy to move first to gain a strategic advantage... In this case simply post "Waiting for (insert character name or whatever here)" when your turn to post comes.

For Spellcasters
If you have a durational spell, it's YOUR responsibility to roll Spell Expiry every time your turn comes. If you forget to make it, we'll assume the spell ended as if you rolled so. You've been warned!

A short exemple (using a higher-Rank Brakkus!):

"With his Might spell still active, the Hermit takes another swing at the snarling orc with his sword, his magically augmented muscles bulging as he brings the blade down on his foe, attempting to strike him down for good.

Spell Expiry for Might: You rolled 7 using 2d6.
Attack with sword: You rolled 3 using 1d20.
Armor Bypass: You rolled 5 using 1d8+1.
Damage: 5
Bye bye orc ^^ "

What you can do in a Combat Round.
- Attack with a melee weapon (after moving 2.5m if desired)
- Prepare and shoot an arrow
- Fire a loaded crossbow
- Partially load a crossbow (must spend 3 Combat Rounds doing this before being able to shoot)
- Draw a weapon
- Cast a spell
- Take out a Scroll and unroll it
- Take out a Potion and unstopper it
- Read a Scroll
- Drink a Potion
- Activate a magical device (Ring, Amulet, etc.)
- Make a normal move (10m for humans)
- Run (20m for humans)

The Golden Rule: Less or Equal is always a success.

Conflictual Rolls
- Attack Roll: Attack - Defense (1d20). Success is from the Attacker's point of view.
- Evasion Roll: Speed - Evasion (2d10). Success is from the Attacker's point of view.
- Magical Attack Roll: Magical Attack - Magical Defense (2d10). Success is from the Attacker's point of view.
- Stealth Roll: Stealth - Perception (2d10). Success is from the Stealthy character's point of view.

Special Case
- Armor Bypass Roll: Roll OVER the Armor Factor to bypass. Equal or less is a success from the armor's point of view.

Other Kinds of Rolls
- Ability Roll: Ability score is compared to a Difficulty Factor. If The score is equal or inferior, no roll is necessary. Otherwise, roll 1d20. Success if from the character's point of view, of course.
- Poison Resistance Roll: Roll equal or below Strenght or suffer full effects (2d6, 3d6 or 4d6).

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Wed 12 Nov 2008
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Rule Changes from DWR (Revised Edition)
Here are some new rules from the Revised Edition of Dragon Warriors.

All Knights have the following Special Abilities.
- Track (new skill: roll under Perception with 1d20 to follow a track for 1 day. Modifiers may apply).
- Armour Expert (just a skill name to say Knights can wear Plate Armour with no penalty).
- Ride Warhorse (just a skill name to say Knights can ride a Warhorse)

All Barbarians have the following Special Abilities.
- Track (see above)
- Berserk (just a skill name to say Barbarians can choose to trade 3 Defense for 1 Attack for one round, at any time).
- Ride Warhorse (see above).

All Elementalists have the following Special Abilities
- Raw Power: please see modified rules here ( ), as the ability in the rulebook is excessively powerful
- Elemental Resistance (An Elementalist gains +4 to Magical Defense and Evasion if attacked by her primary element or +2 if attacked by one of her secondary elements).

New Armor Names!
Gambeson: Armour Factor 1
Padded Armour: Armour Factor 2
Mail Hauberk: Armour Factor 3
Mail Armour: Armour Factor 4
Plate Armour: Armour Factor 5

There isn't any additional spells, but it's all the books brought into one (without the adventures, but they have 1 brand new adventure in there!) and there's some pretty pictures.
There's also some optional rules which I don't personally like.

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Thu 13 Nov 2008
at 14:19
Re: Combat Rules and Reminders
- Warlocks have the same penalties as Barbarians when wearing Plate Armour even though it doesn't hamper their spellcasting.

- Mystics can Master a Spell, meaning it's always active, even when they're 'fatigued'. Only See Enchantment is available at 1st Rank.
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Sat 15 Nov 2008
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Re: Combat Rules and Reminders
Assassin Skills and Abillities
In this reedition, Assassins gain their skills one at a time instead of having them all form the start.

Stealth is of course acquired form the start, as well as Alchmical Techniques and Meditational Techniques (each trance is gained at a certain Rank, of course).

Combat Techniques are gained at Rank 1, 3, 5 and 7. Each time an Assassin may gain a Combat Technique he may chose to gain a Skill instead.
- Armor Piercing
- Shock Attack
- Throwing Spike
- Unarmed Combat

Mental Techniques are gained at rank 4 and 8. The Assassin simply picks which one he learns first at Rank 4 and gets the other at Rank 8. At Rank 12 he ggains the Deathvow. As with Combat Techniques, he may choose to get a Skill instead of any of those.
- Inner Sense
- Memorize

Skills are gained at Rank 1, 3, 5, 7 and 11. Certain skills can be selected multiple times for improved benefits.
- Breakfall (Can be selected 3 times).
- Climbing (Can be selected twice).
- Jumping (Can be selected twice).
- Disguise (Can be selected twice).
- Pilfer (Can be selected twice).
- Pick Lock
- Track (Can be selected twice).
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Wed 19 Nov 2008
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Re: Combat Rules and Reminders
Oh my!
It seems that Mystic don't have a problem with wearing enchanted armor anymore!
Sun 24 May 2009
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Infected Wounds
Infected Wounds
Quite apart from the many poisons and diseases which are rife in Legend, any time a player takes a wound it may turn gangrenous, causing serious damage or even blood-poisoning and death.
How a wound gets infected
[Suggestion: do not check this rule every time a player is hit - do it at the end of the combat based on the nastiest wound they received].
Almost any wound may lead to infection - in many cases the specific descriptions of monsters, spells and weapons deal with this.  Where they do not, use the following guidelines.   Roll a d20 and if you roll equal to or below the target number, the wound is infected.  GMs should remember that a character would probably not realise they were infected until later on - so maybe this should be a secret roll.

    * Crushing or smashing attack (e.g. mace): 1
    * Cutting or impaling attack (e.g. sword): 2
    * "Natural weapon" attack (e.g. bite, claws): 3
    * Magical attack (direct or indirect): 0 unless spell specifically states otherwise
    * Attack with flaming or red-hot weapon: 0

The GM may apply appropriate modifiers to the target number such as:

    * immediately after taking the wound, it is properly cleaned and dressed (not often feasible in a dungeon): -1
    * immediately after taking the wound, the character benefits from some magical healing: -1
    * the environment, or whatever caused the wound, is particularly skanky: +1

Effects of an infected wound
On the beginning of each day after the wound was received, the player should make a Recovery Roll as described above.  If they succeed, the body has naturally repulsed the infection and they may start to count the four days towards natural recovery of HP (see above).
If they FAIL the recovery roll, they should take 1 HP damage on the first day, 2HP on the second day, and so on.  This may seem brutal but it reflects the vicious way that wounds which nowadays would be entirely treatable, could rapidly poison the whole organism and lead to death.
Magical treatment
Unless applied immediately after the wound was received, magical healing which is not specifically aimed at disease, can merely recover HP lost to infection and will not cure the infection itself.
Once the character has suffered at least 1HP of wound-infected damage, it will be pretty obvious that they have developed gangrene.  They may elect to have all or part of the affected part amputated if it is a limb.  The effects of this are:

    * character takes a d6 damage, with no protection from armour obviously.  This damage will PERMANENTLY reduce their Health Point total.
    * the character makes another infection roll as for a cutting weapon - if they roll above the target number then the disease was stopped before it spread to the rest of the body, so the infection is cured and normal recovery rules begin to apply.
    * the GM should apply appropriate modifiers depending on the cleanliness of the environment and the skill of the surgeon - remember that in medieval times knowledge of modern hygienic practices was extremely limited, so it may not be sensible for characters to know about bacteria etc. just because their players do!
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Thu 10 Sep 2009
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Critical Hits/Misses
I have been trying these out for a while and will now use them generally, in favour of PCs:
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Sun 5 Sep 2010
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Fate Rolls
Most characters (except the ugly ones!) will get at least one fate roll per day according to this rule:
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Tue 7 Sep 2010
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First Aid
Any character may attempt to apply First Aid (basic, non-magical healing) to themselves or another character, conditions permitting.
Rules are here:

Note that for those of you using the optional extended rules, First Aid is a skill which can be learned and advanced like any other.