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Fri 2 Oct 2009
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Festival of Journeys - Central Plaza
For those who do not prefer wading through street traffic, another ground level venue has been provided at a central location between the parade start and finish.

The Central Plaza is a wide open-air space nestled between several buildings, with patio tables and seating, and ample shade from trees incorporated into the landscaping, provided for those who wish a calmer space to soak up the festive environment. One can still view the parade street from here, though in a somewhat diminished fashion, and a few intrepid groups are already setting up booths and stalls in the perimeter, presumably to attend to (or profit on) the needs of resting festival goers.

A large part of the clearing has been set aside, delineated by blue velvet cords and a hand-painted sign that reads Please Keep Out - Preparations in Progress. It is not yet known what this area will be used for, but for the moment a solemn young man in a white and blue robe stands there directing a pair of strong armed workers to assemble items in the area, including several braziers, jars with sparkling material, and a few ornate chests.

Nearby the cordoned area a small band of musician-spirits is gathering -- Courtesy of the Department of Student Services, so claims their pink-lettered sign, but Service Goddess Remilia is nowhere to be found.
First Headmistress
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Mon 5 Oct 2009
at 08:18
Re: Festival of Journeys - Central Plaza
Opposite of the roped section and the musicians, one section of the Central Plaza seems to be occupied primarily by giggling, fawning women and ogling men, mostly - but not all - young.

Two booths stand out as the main reasons for this: the Anansi Fan Club, and the Desus Fan Club. They aren't the only other clubs of this sort either - Marshal Sanguinus draws a fair amount of fans, and for those that prefer women, there's a staunchly devoted club for Princess Sophia, as well as Lilith, Thalia and even Bright Shattered Ice. There even seems to be a small but growing club for Professor Mitsumi, who in her short time at the Academy has managed to do some fairly high profile things, and attract attention to her beauty and eloquence.

However, Anansi and Desus's clubs seem to have the most animosity between them, especially because the Desus fans (and the Desus+Lilith "one true love!!" fans) are taking up most of the space and attention in their section. Mira, the blond haired Anansi club president, looks rather ticked off and disgruntled, while Elmira the dark-haired one looks nervous and mildly upset. The red-haired Myra is busy drawing a big chalk line in the ground and loudly pointing out to the throngs of Desus fans, "If you're past this line you're in OUR space!"

There's still plenty of love for Anansi Madeen, though, as pictures, pins, booklets, models of the Invierna and other fannish items trade hands and coins go into the club's strongbox. Elmira made plenty of baked goods to sell as well, for club funds - her cookies and cakes aren't master chef quality in appearance, but they taste uncommonly good.
Mattel Vigilio
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Mon 5 Oct 2009
at 19:29
Re: Festival of Journeys - Central Plaza
Mattel had been flying for sometime now. He needed the space from Clematis. When Mattel flew over the Central Plaza he was pleased to see the fan club had been setup. He planned to join them, even if for an hour. Before he approached them he wanted to ensure he was not empty handed.

So the lunar continued to soar through the sky. As the stores opened up he searched for the right one he needed. Finding a pastry shop that suited his needs, he landed closed and searched through their ready desserts and such. The student picked up a dozen assortments, to include a strawberry porfait.

From the stand Mattel walked to the fan club site. He purposely walked through the Desus club as if he were bringing the desserts to them. But just as anyone would reach for one he slips moved them away from them and crossed the line to present them to his new friends.

Mattel arranged the treats so that as the fans grabbed them it would be near impossible to grab the porfait he saved for his favorite waitress. But when she got close he spun the tray to present the treat for her (Mira).

"Good morning friends. I trust you are all excited as I am for the festival!"
Professor Mitsumi
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Tue 6 Oct 2009
at 06:14
Re: Festival of Journeys - Central Plaza
Some time before the Festival begins, Mitsumi hurries into the Centrl Plaza, moving directly toward the marked out area. Once brief introductions with the young thaumaturge are complete, she paces out the stretch of the zone, marking different points in the ground.

A watcher gazing at her work from above would note that she stops seven times in all, forming the exact points of a sorceous heptagon, albeit one of considerable size. At each point, a small altar is placed, containing samples of the five elements - wood and fire in the form of burning incense, earth and water as fine porcelain bowls filled with carefully doled out water that almost seems to have a glow of its own, air as a medium sized, perfect diamond at the alter's center.

Lines are traced upon the ground with stretches of rare woods, then covered in alchemical powders that glitter before sinking into the surfaces on which they rest. Finally, Mitsumi steps to the middle of the space, tracing a more complex sigil there, placing an exquisite figurine of an airship at the heart of her diagram.

Satisfied, she moves away from the area, indicating that her assistant should follow while the workers keep the curious at bay - at least for the moment. From a convenient if discreet vantage point, she begins to incant a spell...