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Mon 13 Jun 2016
at 08:55
Smoother character sheet interface.
This seems like not such a difficult thing to do, but then again I don't know how to program, so forgive me if I am wrong.

The source of this idea is dealing with longer and longer character sheets, though I think it could be handy with anything that isn't completely visible in one window.

In particular, it kind of sucks when I am looking at my character sheet, see something I want to edit, then I have to scroll all the way up to the top to click edit, then search for in the way down.

The first part of this idea allowing the ability to open the edit from any point. A floating button that always remained in the middle of your screen on one side or the other would be optimal, but even having the 'edit character' button moved to the second line, after your name, but only appearing on the character sheet tab would be sufficient.

The second part sounds more complicated, but is the solid chewy core of the idea. Where ever you are on your character sheet when you click the edit character button, that's the part of the character sheet that will be front and center.

Of course you could scroll up and down all the way as needed, but you wouldn't have to pore over the coded text to try and find what you are working on.

Thoughts? +1, -1, other?
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Tue 14 Jun 2016
at 02:55
Smoother character sheet interface.

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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 20:29
Smoother character sheet interface.
So I think you may be onto something here. However, would you be interested in a possible compromise (assuming of course that they even implement the idea)? My thought was doing the character sheet somewhat like a small sized thread, where you could have multiple "pages" that were essentially blank sheets that could be filled. This would allow a more easy navigation between subsections of the information, would eliminate some of the need to scroll, and also (I think) be easier on the coding, as you wouldn't have to have a floating button that also referenced an ever changing location within a sheet.
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Tue 12 Jul 2016
at 06:14
Smoother character sheet interface.
I actually have a similar but possibly better idea, and while it should be simple enough, I don't really know about implementing it.

Something I had been working on before my mother stole my laptop, was a program where you could design a sheet. You would basically add a number of fields, give them a name and a type, and you could also have them auto fill themselves based on other fields. The program was rather simple, but it was iterative. In designing a sheet, you had to add each field and set it's settings.

The really neat thing wasm once you made the sheet, you could then make any number of characters that used that sheet design. You could add borders and headings as well for readability. You could even have a dice roll button next to a field, such as attack bonus, and have a dice check be rolled.

Now I figure this is really nice, because you can edit each field individually, and the field name and formatting are out of the way when editing, because in character edit, you are editing what the field contains but not the settings of that field.

I figure the dice part would be amazing, but involved. The rest of itm I know the core concept should be rather easy, though not a simple quick fix thing, but implementing it into the character sheet page might not be easy, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure how it would add to the server workload.
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Tue 12 Jul 2016
at 15:26
Smoother character sheet interface.
In reply to DarkLightHitomi (msg # 4):

I've had some success using Google Sheets to do something similar.  You can use cells to provide the bulk of the UI and the use a concatenated string to gather up all of the data and make it presentable for RPOL.
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Fri 15 Jul 2016
at 21:37
Smoother character sheet interface.
In reply to Piestar (msg # 1):

I don't know how the make up of this site compares to say "Myth-Weaver" but they have  a full on sheet that even auto fills some of the stats based on you ability scores, there are a number of known issues but if something that resembled the actual character sheets (with enough room to actually add stuff so I don't have to keep switching between apps on my iPad to confirm effect details etc) could be introduced, I think that would be excellent.
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Sat 16 Jul 2016
at 02:19
Smoother character sheet interface.
Well, the issues are 'what system?' and 'what about sheets for homebrew?' which is the key to my suggestion above being useful, as my suggestion allows easy creation and modification of the sheet layouts on the user side.