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Wed 27 Jul 2016
at 20:15
Encountering a Strange Bug
FYI.  Windows 7 and running on the latest version of Chrome as of July 27, 2016.

I'm seeing "double" post that seems to have identical qualities to its source post.  Not just content but message # and post count for the writer are identical.  Here's a screenshot:  http://imgur.com/Qf9HaIU

I tried to click delete on the second message and got this error:
Sorry, but an error has occurred in deleting the message.
While trying to delete your message (number 21) the search for your message went astray and we didn't seek past 21

I have no idea what's going on.  It's not causing any issues.  It's just weird.
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Wed 27 Jul 2016
at 20:44
Encountering a Strange Bug
It sounds like a database error.  They happen from time to time.  Send an rMail to the mods with a link to the thread, and we'll take a look at it.
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Tue 2 Aug 2016
at 17:47
Encountering a Strange Bug
I have seen this as well. It stopped for me once I updated my browser. I'm on firefox with a few addons running in the background to help things along. You might just trying finding out if you need to patch.