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Sun 20 May 2018
at 06:29
Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
FFG is coming out with a new edition of Legend of the Five Rings. And of course there's special dice.

Will it be possible to have the dice / mechanics added to the roller?

There are two special dice. Ring and Skill.
There are four fancy new symbols. Success, Strife, Explosive Success, and Opportunity.

Ring Dice are d6s with these faces:
1: blank
2: success
3: success & strife
4: explosive success & strife
5: opportunity
6: opportunity & strife

Skill Dice are d12s with these faces:
1-2: blank
3-4: success
5: success & opportunity
6-7: success & strife
8: explosive success
9: explosive success & strife
10-12: opportunity

Players will need to roll several of each dice and have the symbols counted. Similar to the FFG Star Wars game, but not the same dice at all. Nor are these Genesys dice.

ETA: If it matters, there is an element of Roll & Keep in the new system, so tracking which dice yielded which results should be the default.

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Sun 20 May 2018
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Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
In reply to liblarva (msg # 1):

Die rolls are displayed in the order called by the dice roller, so tracking which die rolled what is a matter of being mindful of the order in which they were called.

For instance:

[dice=1d6,1d12 record=yes memo="Ring Die, then Skill Die" text="Ring Die, then Skill Die"]

might result in:

02:14, Today: Chief Tinker rolled 3,1 using 1d6,1d12 with rolls of 3,1.  Ring Die, then Skill Die.

and would be different from:

[dice=1d12,1d6 record=yes memo="Skill Die, then Ring Die" text="Skill Die, then Ring Die"]

which might result in:

02:14, Today: Chief Tinker rolled 12,5 using 1d12,1d6 with rolls of 12,5.  Skill Die, then Ring Die.

Until this roll type might be added to the dice roller, using either of the two strings above in a post calling for these rolls and consulting the tables you have already set forth would do the job.

jase would be the fellow to make the final decision as to whether to add this new type or not.  He would be coding it.

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Fri 25 May 2018
at 01:25
Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
The Genesys dice are also used in the rather prolific and successful FFG SWRPG, and also Genesys, which is the generic imprint.  It might be worth it to plug in on that basis.
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Thu 26 Jul 2018
at 05:07
Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
Any chance a mod could respond to this? The new L5R game does not use Genesys dice. The dice do not match anything currently in the roller. Which is why I provided the results. If the answer's no, that's fine. Just something official would be nice...if y'all have time.
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Thu 26 Jul 2018
at 05:26
Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
You'll need to wait for a response from jase, and with how busy he's been lately... it could be a long wait.

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Thu 7 Feb 2019
at 20:51
Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
  We need a new dice roller setup for Firefly RPG (based on Cortex-Plus gaming system).

  The game has multiple dice from d4 to d12, but they are all added together and use only the highest 2 dice results (1's are marked as opportunities/jinxes, which can be used for complications, and DO NOT count in the highest 2 results). If all 1's are rolled in the dice pool, its called a 'botch' (very bad things happen as a result of that)

 I know there is a dice rule to allow highest two results, but I've tried every method of (d6+d8+2d10)h2  or using brackets, etc.  It has to take the top two of different die types, which doesn't seem to work with our current dice roll options. Even just that by itself would be helpful, in the short term.

 I created a dice roller in excel, that works well but can't use it online. It is using formulas in cells, so I would have to send the xls file to view how it works.
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Thu 7 Feb 2019
at 23:00
Re: Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
Just set it to record the individual die results and do the adding yourself for now?
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Fri 8 Feb 2019
at 14:20
Re: Adding a Game System / Special Dice to the roller?
 Yes, thanks. We are doing that, but I was hoping it to do at least the (d6+2d8+d10)h2, and give me the highest two numbers. That seems like it would be really easy to do, not sure how much hard it would be to ignore 1's and mark them, but if it just added up the two highest it would be enough to give us a quick total to look back on.