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Thu 22 Jul 2010
at 02:42
The Weather
I generally track the weather, and sometimes people ask about it.  So in this thread, we'll track it for anyone to check, anytime.
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Thu 22 Jul 2010
at 02:55
Re: The Weather 31 Talisandre, morning, Deadwood
The day dawns clear and cool.  It warms to near 50 F; cool, but pleasant enough for this time of year.

The wind is light, and the light of the suns warm.
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Thu 22 Jul 2010
at 03:12
Re: The Weather 31 Talisandre, evening, Deadwood
The pleasant day turns ominous, with the wind picking up, and the light becoming uncertain.  It has the look of aberrant weather, and best to get under cover, preferably inside.
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Sat 24 Jul 2010
at 13:08
Re: The Weather 32 Talisandre, morning, Deadwood
The day dawns bright and clear, the suns just beginning to tinge the horizon before sunsrise.

It is clear and cool, with steady breezes, but nothing like the howling winds of the night before.
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Wed 17 Nov 2010
at 02:39
Weather 33 Talisandre, morning, Plains of Golarin
The morning dawns cold and overcast, near to freezing, but the wind has died down a great deal.
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Tue 8 Mar 2011
at 17:11
Re: Weather 37 Talisandre, morning, Dhar and Golarin
A bright, glimmering sheen of frost greets the rising suns on the morning of 37 Talisandre, beautiful, yet cold with Borean's breath gusting over the boughs.
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Tue 22 Mar 2011
at 15:40
Re: Weather 38 Talisandre, morning, Deadwood
A heavy overcast clouds the skies during the night, and in the morning, snow begins to fall, covering the ground.
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Thu 24 Mar 2011
at 02:15
Re: Weather 39 Talisandre, morning, Deadwood
The snow from the day before tapers off, though much of it sticks as it cools during the night as the skies clear.

In the dawn's light, the snow remains, and it is still quite cold, but the wind is still.
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Wed 6 Apr 2011
at 02:30
Weather 40 Talisandre, morning, Deadwood
Clouds move in during the night, though the temperature drops little.  A heavy overcast is in place by morning's dim, blurry dawn.  It is chill and raw, but not freezing as the day before.  Gentle winds blow from the west.
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Thu 7 Apr 2011
at 14:18
Re: Weather 41Talisandre, morning
Dead River, Border of Kasmir

The overcast of the day before clears as strong winds arise during the night.  Initially, they blow from the south, but begin to shift to the east and north by mid day.
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Mon 11 Jul 2011
at 16:41
Re: Weather 46 Zar, morning, Wilderlands of Zaran
The winds of the previous night drop to almost nothing.  The suns bake down over the Barrens below.  In the month of Zar, it is cooler, so it is not oppressive, but the still air feels uncomfortable.
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Thu 26 Jan 2012
at 10:37
Re: Weather 49 Zar, day, Mountains of Maruk
Clear and cold, 30 degrees F, strong winds from WNW.
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Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 02:23
Re: Weather 49 Zar, night, Mountains of Maruk
Cold and rainy, 35 degrees.
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Mon 25 Jun 2012
at 02:24
Re: Weather 1 Ardan, day, Mountains of Maruk
Rain continues, 40 degrees, light winds.
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Mon 16 Jul 2012
at 02:46
Re: Weather 1 Ardan, night, Mountains of Maruk
Clearing from the rainy day.  Cold, but not freezing (about 45 degrees F).
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Mon 16 Jul 2012
at 02:49
Re: Weather 2 Ardan, morning, Mountains of Maruk
clear, windy, and cold (about 55 degrees F).
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Sun 23 Sep 2012
at 16:32
Re: Weather 2 Ardan, afternoon/evening, Sad Plains
Late in the day, clouds gather out of the east.  It appears it will get dark early, and will be a wet, blustery night.
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Fri 19 Oct 2012
at 18:54
Re: Weather 3 Ardan, Sad Plains/Ruins of Torquar
No further rain, though the sky is completely covered by thick, heavy clouds.  The air is nearly still, though there is some slight breezes to be found by a skillful windship pilot.
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Thu 2 Jan 2014
at 16:29
Re: Weather 3-4 Ardan, night, Sad Plains
Overcast finally turns to a cold rain overnight.