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Tue 14 Dec 2010
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Cast of Characters
I've like how I've seen this in other games, so here I will be keeping a list of characters that have been met along the way, but not all of whom may merit their own NPC entry.

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Tue 4 Jan 2011
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Known acquaintances in Dhar:

Rawk, captain of the Farflyers of Dhar

K'Rhee, Elder of Dhar

Hree, aid to Elder K'Rhee

Erethar, Pharesian innkeeper of the Lowly Inn, one of the few ground structures in Dhar

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Fri 22 Apr 2011
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Phaedrius, master (wind)shipwright; did repairs on the Wind of Fate

Sarapho Unolo, Gnomekin traveler

Menichus, Cymrilian (mage?)

Ra'awk, Blue Aeriad

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Fri 14 Oct 2011
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Mardan, constable in the city guard/militia
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Tue 30 Oct 2012
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Wind of Fate


Mirna (sergeant at arms)
Wraith Zephyr (acting captain and pilot)
Aeletheros (pilot)
Athellin (pilot)

Cymrilian air sailors:

Malia, female, hired in Zanth
Dorson, male, hired in Zanth; once had a badly broken leg
Markalum, male, hired in Zanth
Galforn, male, hired in Zanth

Nohren (Arimite, hired in Deadwood)
Hakim (Arimite, hired in Deadwood)
Abn Quam (Djaffir, rescued from Rajans)

Marukans (nine total, hired in Deadwood)

Missing or Former crew:

Arkannon (captain; whereabouts unknown)
Katas (deceased)
Marmum (deceased)
Zarkosh (fell ill, now lives back in Kasmir)

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Sun 22 Dec 2013
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Re: Wind of Fate
Rescued from the ruins of Torquar:

Two Aamanian men:
Aalfred, a farmer who was on pilgrimage
Aalabar, a merchant (also on pilgrimage)

One young Jaka:  Tavim
One Jhangaran: Perkak
Two Arimites (a man and a woman):
Khulid, a miner
Hyvarga, his wife
One Cymrilian woman: Cyrilia

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