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Character advancement
Between adventures, character points may be spent to improve your character.  Here are the different ways that CPs may be spent:

- To improve any existing known skill or a skill used in the adventure (x1 cost)1
- To learn the skill from a suitable trainer (x1 cost)
- To learn a new skill on your own (x2 cost)
- To gain a learnable advantage (Combat Reflexes, Fit/Very Fit, Trained by a Master, etc.) (x1 cost)
- To increase an attribute (x1 cost)
- Social advantages can be raised with a suitable explanation (x1 cost)
- Unnatural/Fantasy advantages can be raised upon GM approval (x1 cost)

CPs may be spent as long as the character is not in combat.

1Note:  An IQ roll is not required to add a new skill.

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Posting Conventions
I'm not a big fan of short one-liners.  Try to post between one and five paragraphs, and in your posts, describe your reactions, thoughts, and physical actions.  Any OOC material should go on a separate line or in a private line to the GM, and all dice roll results and if/then conditional statements should go in a PL to the GM as well.

My expectations:  I'd like between two to four solid, well-written posts per week.  My output will be tied to your own interest and development.  Quality, regular posting will be rewarded when it's time to hand out CPs.

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Other Rules
Extra Effort

A will roll for Extra Effort is not necessary.

Hero Points

From time to time, Hero Points may be awarded for excellent actions or particularly well-written posts.  For players familiar with Ceredyn's GURPS games, Hero Points work the same way.  Each Hero Point may be spent as a one-time use of the Luck advantage.  They can be used to immediately reroll any skill or attribute check, including combat rolls.  A player may also specify that a Hero Point should be used on a failed defense roll.  If so, please specify this in your defenses.


Weapons and Armor enhancements from the Dungeon Fantasy series are allowed.

Light and Darkness

This fan site has good rules regarding light sources.  We'll use them in this game.

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Dice Rolls
Players may roll their own rolls if they wish.  However, the GM rolls all knowledge checks and any other rolls that may result in the GM lying about the result.
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Wed 28 Jul 2010
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Whenever a player does something impressive, has a great idea to solve a problem, or has a particularly good piece of roleplaying, another player can give that player a kudo.  These kudos can be accumulated, and one can be used to give a +1 to one dice roll, be it combat or noncombat.

The maximum number of kudos to be used on one roll may not exceed 3.

These kudos will be given in a separate thread, and they may not be handed out in a non-trivial manner.  Likewise, they may not be awarded for dice rolls, such as a critical hit in combat.

The GM reserves the right to challenge or deny any kudos given out.
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Sample combat post
It helps me if you organize your combat posts like this.

First, describe what your character is doing in-character, any speech, and any thoughts the character might be thinking.  What's going through your character's head?  Describe the scene, and help us to see exactly what your character is doing.

Next, give me the OOC description of what you're doing, taking the Aim maneuver, using a Deceptive Strike, whatever.  You can also list your defense here (or in the final part).

For the last part, I like all dice rolls to go in a private line to the GM.  It helps the game to flow more like a story, and I like to tuck the mechanical details out of sight.  You can also put any conditional statements here to avoid signaling to your companions what you think they should do, so any "If Tom moves forward to attack the Priest of the Golden Banana God, I'll slip into the shadows to try to go around and flank" can go in the private line.  Of course, you can tell Tom to attack the Priest - just do it in IC.

You can roll your own attack rolls if you wish, or I can roll for you.  Also, you don't have to include your skill numbers, but you can if you wish.

So here's a sample combat post.  The more you give me, the more I have to work with.


Deputy Fife raises his revolver, his hands shaking somewhat.  He licks his lips nervously.  He doesn't know who this weirdo in the rubber suit is, or how he got into the sheriff's office without Barney seeing him, but the deputy isn't going to take any chances.  He briefly wonders what kind of odd weapon the creature is holding.  Looks kinda like a kid's toy ray gun.

"Halt in the name of the law!" Barney calls out, injecting a bit of bravado into his voice, and fires his Colt .48 at the sectoid.

OOC:  Take 1 round to aim, and then fire at the sectoid.

{Private to GM:  Round 1: Aim at the sectoid.

Round 2:  Fire one round at the sectoid.  +2 Acc from aim, Guns (Pistol) - 12.

Defenses:  If fired upon, Feverish (+2) Dodge (8).

If the alien lunges for Barney, turn and flee, full move.}

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