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A Brief Description of Ytarria's Geography
Ytarria, the continent on which Fantasy Adventures takes place, is composed of several different lands.

Megalos, or the Megalan Empire, is one of the most powerful nations on Ytarria and is the parent of Christianity on the continent.  It has certain parallels to a Christianized Earth Roman Empire before its fall.  Megalos has been corrupted, but it still wields great political power.

Arraterre is made up of a group of islands to the south of Megalos.  It is technically part of the Megalan Empire, but given its location and advanced technology, it is in practice independent.  Its most important exports are spices.  It is fully TL4 in some areas, including shipbuilding and sailing, and its inhabitants have access to TL4 fencing weapons.

Caithness is located in the center of the continent, to the west of Megalos, the north of the Great Forest, the south of Zarak, the east of the Great Desert, and the northeast of the Muslim kingdoms of al-Haz and al-Wazif.  The kingdom has frequently been subject to war, most notably with Megalos, but a Civil War has been flaring and cooling in Caithness in the past few years.

Al-Haz is the strongest Muslim kingdom in Ytarria, the bulwark of Islam on Yrth, and sees itself as Megalos' greatest rival.  It is bordered on the north by the Great Forest and al-Wazif, on the east by Cardiel, and on the south by the ocean.  Al-Haz and al-Wazif are allies, though at times uneasy ones, and al-Haz has a cordial relationship with Cardiel.

Cardiel was first a land of Muslim tribesmen, then an province of Imperial Megalos, and now an independent country.  Though nominally Christian, it is a religious and cultural melting pot, and is ruled by a prince elected by a group of nobles.  Elves still live on the southern coast and offshore islands, and though gnomes once lived in the western hills, they have long since moved to quieter regions.  The cities, however, are as cosmopolitan as the great cities of Megalos.

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The Nomad Lands

The Southwestern Wilderness

The Oceans

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