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Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
Night.  A young woman works in a laboratory on the third floor of an ornate mansion.  An two-inch human-looking eye hovers in the air about seven feet off the ground, but if the young woman knows that it is there, she pays it no attention.  She is concentrating on a large staff of what looks like bone, murmuring arcane words as she experiments with different spells.  Perhaps this attention is why she doesn’t see the man slip through the window.

The young woman turns, startled.

The man speaks, his voice soft and deadly.  ”Forgive me, lass.  I know we’ve not been formally introduced.  My name is Saragrave, and I’ve come for the staff.  My thanks for being so kind as to watch it for me, but I’m afraid I need to claim it now.”

”Mistress!” the young woman calls, looking up at the eye, and begins chanting a spell, but the midnight visitor is too quick.  He twists the staff from the young mage’s grip, and then rams it through her chest, crimson blossoming through her robes.  Wrenching the staff back out again, he dashes to the window and disappears into the night outside.


The next evening, Alimar, a small city located in a sheltered bay in southeast Cardiel.  The wind blows in from the northwest, driving before it merchants to the city’s market laden with grapes, oranges, and sugarcane.  Today was market day, and the city is still bustling with merchants trading their wares from all over Cardiel.  Alimar, like most of Cardiel, is a city with a varied population, here a dwarven blacksmith pounding out horseshoes, there a goblin lawyer consulting with his client, and now and then the odd elf visiting from the half-dozen or so reclusive elven communities on the peninsula and islands to the southeast.

In the midst of the city’s business, a curious incident is repeated seven times.  One at a time, each of nine individuals is approached by a large bat bearing a message scroll tucked in its claws.  A scroll is dropped at its recipient’s feet, the bat circles twice, and then flies away.

On the scroll, written in silver ink on fine parchment, is a clear hand.  The message reads:

The Sorceress in Silver requests the pleasure of you and eight other individuals tomorrow for breakfast at the Evening Star to consider a certain rewarding adventure to our mutual benefit.

OOC:  Welcome to Mordag’s Little Finger!  It’s very good to have each of you here.  In your first post, please describe what has brought you to Alimar, a bustling city in the country of Cardiel, and how your character reacts to the message from the Sorceress in Silver.

For a map of Cardiel and more information about the country, see the Ytarrian Geography thread.

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Re: Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
Felix, a rather large Hobgoblin, came to Alimar with his little Goblin friend, Zazok. While not entirely comprehending why Zazok wanted to visit this place, it did not matter much to Felix; he was just here to protect his friend. It was Zazok's father, after all, who had gifted him a personalized weapon—a morning star befitting his size—and charged him with the protection of his friend.

After the bat takes its leave, Felix scratches his head and picks up the scroll. He reads it.

"Hm," he says. "Whatcha make o' this, Zaz? Some'n about food 'n' adventure, I think."

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Zazok Yellowspell
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Re: Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
Zazok didn't really have a particular reason for wanting to visit Alimar, but the stories he had heard of the city made it seem like a good place to find adventuring work so he thought it would be a good place to start.

"A 'Sorceress in Silver,' now that sounds like someone I'd like to meet." Zazok says excitedly, "Looks like coming here was a good decision after all and not just because of the free food."
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Tue 20 Nov 2012
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Re: Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
Perhaps coming here was a mistake.  On paper, it had seemed wise.  Send some of the newly raised knights to Cardiel, where they could cut their teeth and right wrongs and spread word of the Knights of the Stone without worrying about Caithness exploding into violence, as it had every year or two since the civil war had started.  Cardiel was by all accounts a tolerant land, which was why Raakkel had been one of those sent here.  Convincing Cardians that yes, the young goblin woman was in fact a genuine knight was certainly less risky than trying to do the same in Megalos.

But there was the problem.  In practice, the problems of a fairly peaceful, tolerant melting pot are not often those that can be solved by sending a knight to hit the problem with a sword until it goes away.  Problem solving here was either simple, the sort of thing town guards could handle, or subtle, involving gifts of stealth and speech that Raakkel lacked.  She'd helped a few common folk with small tasks, but had mostly been wandering the roads and living out of her tent.  The glamorous life of the questing knight indeed.

And then, shortly after Raakkel had arrived in bustling Alimar, a bat came out of the blue (literally) and dropped a message at her feet.

"Stop it, Tyb.  You couldn't catch it anyway, ye great tub o' lard, and you'd probably go mad from eatin' it if ye did.  Bats aren't food."

Raakkel ruffled the marmalade cat's ears and was rewarded with a rumbling purr as the mighty hunter forgot what he was doing and flopped over in a sunbeam on the side of the road.

Tybalt's pet goblin took a moment to unroll and read the little scroll.  The Sorceress in Silver?  It didn't ring a bell, but then again, Raakkel wasn't from around here, so that meant little.  She'd be hard-pressed to recognize the Baron of Alimar's coat of arms, let alone any of the other local lights.

"A 'rewarding adventure', eh?  Whatcha think, O' Prince of Cats?  That was a pretty impressive invitation, wasn't it?  And a sorceress!"  Like many goblins, Dame Raakkel had a bit of a thing for magic and its users.

Rewarding... hmm...  That was usually code for 'lucrative.'  Lucrative was nice, sure, but the Knight of the Stone's goals tended to be a bit more idealistic than a good payday.  The promise of adventure and breakfast with what seemed to be a very interesting and powerful magic user, if the message delivery system was anything to go on?  Well, that was a horse of a different color.  She couldn't very well pass that up, now could she?

"All right, that settles it.  To the Evening Star it is!  No camping out tonight, Tyb.  We'll splurge, get a proper roof over our heads for once, a nice fire in the hearth, maybe even a hot meal if I can manage it.  Sound like a plan, eh?"

In response, Tybalt rolled around in the dirt and chirped.
Gamaliel Dominick
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Tue 20 Nov 2012
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Re: Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
Gamaliel Dominick sat with the clergy, eating breakfast at the long communal tables. He had arrived a week ago from Megalos, on a religious mission. Since then he has stayed at this small church.

He converses as he eats modest meal of the bread and soup provided to the pious holy-men. "My, I truly do admire how base you choose to live, such paltry accommodations, one must truly feel humbled by so piously observing Lent all year long." He says feigning innocence as he takes a sip from his cup.

 The Clergy stays silent. "How have the tithings been this year?" He asks as though changing the subject.

Finally one of the brothers replies, "We do well this year Brother Gamliel, we may not be able to provide such opulent shrines 'to God' as your of Megalos, but be assured, we use as much of our time and resources as possible to help those in need of it..." He sighed and sat down, holding his words back, his words sounded calm, but the brother was turning red in the face as he spoke.

Gamaliel smiles at the brother after finishing his meal, amused at the outburst "That's fantastic Brother, keep up the good work and perhaps one day there won't be so many people living in... poverty." he says casting a glance at the humble robes of the brother sitting across from him as he says the last word.

He leaves back to his room and changes from his uniform to leather armor, planning to visit Alimar's Pagan shrines in search of new insights on the Dark Arts.

Gamaliel strolls along the busy streets, stopping occasionally to look into shops selling books or curios. A large files down to him as he walks, presenting him with a note, he takes the note, and rushes down a dark alleyway to read it, instinctively fearing being caught with a message from one of his Cultist or Necromancer acquaintances.

He thinks to himself as he reads and rereads the messages Sorceress in Silver, hmm?  well, the parchment seems to indicate a rather high society affair, and I'm not one to turn down an invitation from a fellow magic user either, of course the exception being if said high-society magic user is my mother. he thinks with a shudder.

Gamaliel forgets about the Pagan Shrines and happily spends the rest of the day browsing the latest noble fashions in preparation for tomorrow's meeting.
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Re: Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
Gwaereniel, was just coming out of the Inn, to have one last look of the town Alimar, before heading out.

She was trying to think about where to go next, when the large black bat dropped the scroll at her feet.  She almost didn't pick it up.  But something told her she needed to, so she did.

She went over to a bench and unrolled it and read it.  She had to read it twice to make sure what she was reading.  How was it this, Sorceress in Silver, know where she would be and when?

"A rewarding adventure", she thought to herself.  Every since the attack on her home, she's been uneasy and restless at home.  Nightmares she can't get rid of, flashbacks that come when she least expects them.  Maybe this is what I need to help me accept things I could not change, she thinks to herself.

While she will never forget them, and most likely never forgive those who killed some of her family members, she knows she needs to get to a point of being able to live a happy life.  She's not there yet.  But maybe helping someone, with what ever it is, will help her, get to that point.

She stands up, her mind made up, she will meet with this Sorceress in Silver, tomorrow morning for breakfast.  And along with up to 8 others it looks like.

So instead of taking one last look of Alimar, she just takes a walk, to pass the time.  Looking forward to an adventure brings an extra bounce to her step.
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Re: Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
The soft "skri-skri-skri" sound of stone almost grinding against stone was the only sound in the narrow room.  The window was thrown open, a pleasant breeze drifting in and provided some much needed ventilation.

A young woman, possibly out of her teens, but possibly not, pushed a strand of dark hair out of her face and behind her elongated ear as she looked up.  The bat fluttered in, dropped its scroll on the table, somehow without disturbing any of the neat little piles, and then vanished as quickly as it came.

The woman glanced at the scroll, but didn't break from what she was doing, giving the mortar and pestle half a dozen more turns before carefully emptying the ground leaves into a waxed envelope.

She then put down her tools and looked the document over.  "Huh.  Well, it'll be a change of pace, anyway," she noted and went back to her work.  The old man that ran the apothecary had been kind enough to trade a bit of work for tutoring in herb lore, and she was almost finished with her commitment, anyway.
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Re: Part 1 - Mordag's Little Finger
Bright and early the next morning, eight disparate individuals converge on the Evening Star, one of Alimar's more posh establishments.  Two goblins and a hobgoblin, a human and a gnome, a half-elf and an elf, and one rather remarkable creature never yet seen in Ytarria all arrive for their breakfast appointment.  Inside, seated around various tables are the Star's patrons, well-heeled merchant adventurers, rich travelers, and wealthy mercenary captains.  The decor is subdued but fashionable.  A quartet of first-rate violinists is playing a contemporary ballad about the war between al-Wazif and Megalos.   Breakfast here will likely run each person a gold dinar at least [OOC:  $100 - I hope you brought your pocketbooks!]

A host leads the newcomers back, separately or in pairs, to a cozy rear banqueting room.  Seated at the long, rectangular table is an attractive woman, perhaps in her mid-thirties, dressed in fine silks traced with silver, with long, flowing black and gray eyes.  A large bat sits on her shoulder, and it looks curiously at the two four-legged felines that enter.

The woman inclines her head as each individual arrives and gestures to seats around the table.   Beside her is a tall, slightly bloated individual with a quill and parchment paper who peers over the top of his pince-nez.

OOC:  This song is actually popular in Cardiel right now, and the words used in the Ytarrian version do indeed describe the recent wars:

Marvin and Mack, feel free to play catch up.  If I've taken liberties with your character that I should not have, please let me know.