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Thu 19 Sep 2013
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MLF Part 1c - Mack Checks Things Out
Intending to explore the pale tower to ascertain whether it would make a safer place to lie low, Mack ascends the steps.  He carefully checks for traps, but finding none, he pushes on the door.  It swings open, and so the gnome advances inside and out of sight of Felix and Marvin.

The gnome's footsteps stir up dust as he slinks silently inside.  The interior of the tower is dark, and what little moonlight that weeps in from the door leading outside reveals walls of polished stone.  Mack finds himself in an empty room.  A staircase to his right wends its way upward, and he can just make out a door in the southern wall.

OOC:  You've entered from the east.  There's nothing in this room besides the stairs leading up and the door in the southern wall.

Mack doesn't have infravision, so the interior is quite dark.  You didn't see any windows from the outside.

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Fri 20 Sep 2013
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Re: MLF Part 1a - Mack Checks Things Out
Mack stops where he is, closes the door almost entirely (leaving enough room for Marvin if he'd like to follow), and then closes his eyes to try to help them adjust to the intense dark in the room.  After about two minutes, he opens his eyes and then opens the door again (without looking at the light) to see if that helped with his ability to see in the dark.

OOC:  Now Mack has a series of options to follow:

1a.  If it did not help his sight noticeably, then Mack retreats back out the door to discuss the situation with Felix and update him on what he's seen.  No need to read further in this post.

1b. If it did help his sight noticeably, then Mack loads his crossbow with five bolts, and proceeds to to the southern wall and the door there, checking for traps as he goes and again when he arrives (two rolls, if necessary, as follows):

20:49, Today: Angus ''Mack'' Gheever rolled 5 using 3d6 with rolls of 3,1,1. Check Traps.

20:50, Today: Angus ''Mack'' Gheever rolled 12 using 3d6 with rolls of 3,3,6. Check Traps on Door.

1b1. If the door is trapped, Mack attempts to defuse it (roll following):

20:52, Today: Angus ''Mack'' Gheever rolled 11 using 3d6 with rolls of 1,6,4. Defuse traps on floor or door.

1b2. If the door is not trapped, he sets his crossbow by his feet and within easy reach, and checks to see if the door is locked.

1b2a. If the door is locked, Mack attempts to pick the lock (roll following) and then follows directions in 1b2b below.

20:54, Today: Angus ''Mack'' Gheever rolled 14 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,4,4. Pick lock on Door.

1b2b. If the door is not locked, Mack picks up his crossbow and puts it at the ready.  He then opens the door carefully and as quietly as he can.

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Sun 22 Sep 2013
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Re: MLF Part 1a - Mack Checks Things Out
Mack attempts to acclimate his eyesight to the darkness of the tower's antechamber, but the lack of windows limits his ability to see in the room.  He realizes that if he is to venture further into the tower, he'll need a way to see in the dark, and so leaves the tower to rejoin his companions outside.