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Thu 10 Oct 2013
at 03:59
Part 1d - Tripping Upstairs
Bounding up the stairs, Marvin heads for the tower's second floor, Tybalt close behind him.  When they reach the next floor, they find themselves in a kitchen, and the staircase continues on to the next floor.  A fire burns low in the fireplace, and several chairs surround a table.  The room has been cleaned by someone, and broken crockery and spider webs have been swept into a corner.  One door is set in the northern wall, and another door is in the western wall.

On the table is a loaf of fresh bread, a bottle of wine, and a plate of fish, which is being eyed by a fluffy black house cat.  It turns and looks at Marvin and Tybalt with amusement, its eyes gleaming brightly in the low light.  Beside Marvin, Tybalt arches his back, his hair standing up, and he begins hissing at the black cat. 

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Zazok Yellowspell
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Thu 10 Oct 2013
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Re: Part 1d - Tripping Upstairs
As Dame Raakkel and Zazok Yellowspell reach the second floor, they take in the fire burning low in the fireplace, the kitchen table, and Marvin and Tybalt, the latter feline hissing at a third cat, this one coal-black, who turns to regard Zazok and Raakkel inquisitively.

"God above," Zazok whispers in a hushed voice.  "Someone's bleeding living here."

Beside the fireplace, the two doors, the table and chairs, and the stairway that wends its way ever upward, a cabinet stands against the wall, its doors closed.
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Sat 12 Oct 2013
at 13:15
Re: Part 1d - Tripping Upstairs
"T-Thank you for the invitation." Marvin replies automatically as the black-coated one in front of him speaks and his thoughts begin to race. "I was not expecting to meet one of my own kind here."

Another crat! It had to be, and he or she seemed to be doing well enough judging from the dinner, but something seemed off, and why was Tybalt reacting so violently? Sure, he'd been careful around Marvin earlier, but not in this manner.

Marvin's thoughts are interrupted when he hears footsteps and clanking armor from the stairs. "Sorry" he says in a hushed voice, "most people here take exception to you talking unless you walk on two legs and have thumbs. It seems we will have to properly introduce ourselves at a later time."
Dame Raakkel Redshield
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Sat 12 Oct 2013
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Re: Part 1d - Tripping Upstairs
Zazok was right.  There was someone, or some persons, living here.  But this was not the same as the Bell Tower.  That huddled beggar in a cloak fit in with the environment.  But here -- bread, wine, this was no beggar, but someone laying low until a better time.

Raakkel immediately regrets her decision to split up.  What if Saragrave, or worse yet, some necromancer from ages past was here?  It seemed absurdly unlikely, just one more open end from their investigation that had to be closed.  But she supposed, as Sherlock Holmes had said, 'if you eliminate all other possibilities, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be true.'  To make matters worse, Tybalt was making a horrifying amount of noise, and any necromancer that was close would probably notice that racket was not his good-natured cat.  Then again, Tybalt hardly ever acted like this either.  What was with that cat that Tybalt was acting so?

"Guys.  Up here."  Raakkel says as loudly as she dares, hoping the few left downstairs will hear her and bring the group up with them.

OOC:  Damn!  Who knew we would hit on something here?  Of course, I thought there was a funny smell reading back on how Marvin and Felix got here :)