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Sorry, better luck next time.
 member, 32 posts
Thu 21 Nov 2013
at 06:40
Hard Mode On...
The world of Paradox. A land of Adventure and misfortune. Fight for your lives, the reward might be great.

This game is not for people wanting to get handed stuff. Everything you get must be earned. Death is a very real thing in this game. Be prepared to make several characters...only the truly hardcore players can survive.
 member, 42 posts
Thu 28 Nov 2013
at 19:43
Re: Hard Mode On...
Take the challenge...if you dare
 member, 50 posts
Mon 9 Dec 2013
at 10:33
Re: Hard Mode On...
Would like more active players...people have yet to taste the actual fear and vertigo paradox makes you feel.
 member, 56 posts
Wed 18 Dec 2013
at 16:21
Re: Hard Mode On...
Need players who are active and not afraid of death.
 member, 66 posts
Sat 28 Dec 2013
at 07:55
Re: Hard Mode On...
hmmm...seems there arent as many hardcore gamers as i though....