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Thu 29 Sep 2016
at 16:32
Banished (W20)
There was a time when serious infractions committed by garou were punishable by death. Many still are. But in one small corner of West Texas, with a population so low that even the worst criminals are still necessary in the fight for Gaia, another option is being explored: Banishment.

The Sept of Last Chances is a place with a purpose. Those who go there to make a home are seeking redemption. Some say redemption can only be found in death, and the residents are simply waiting for their chance to die so that other, more noble garou might live; others say that they might find salvation without death. In the end, it doesn't matter. This is the only place that will have you now.
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Fri 21 Oct 2016
at 15:10
Banished (W20)
Looking for a couple more players to round out the numbers!
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Wed 11 Jan 2017
at 23:06
Banished (W20)
Looking for up to 3 more players.
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Tue 14 Feb 2017
at 19:54
Banished (W20)
Looking for up to 3 more players to round out a second pack.