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Thu 1 Dec 2016
at 10:12
Seeking The Brave and Foolish
Albatross Point. A sleepy little town forgotten by time or so it seemed. After a mysterious Calamity struck the town  a mysterious organization known as The Rime Foundation appeared and in three months time a small fishing village became a city. Who are The Rime Foundation? What do they know about the strange paranormal activity in the town? What caused the Calamity? And what is your role in the new city?

Albatross Point is a paranormal game full of wonderful mysteries and horror. Come be a visitor seeking out it's mysteries, trying to escape from your past, or even become a resident. Will you discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes? Or will you become another victim? The choice is yours.

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Wed 11 Jan 2017
at 05:54
Seeking The Brave and Foolish

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Sat 3 Jun 2017
at 15:38
Seeking The Brave and Foolish
Seeking fresh victims..., I mean, new players.