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Tue 6 Dec 2016
at 05:59
(Star Trek) The Lincoln is restarting!
The year is 2383, and Starfleet still needs the bold to explore the galaxy. From points as near as Vulcan or Qo'nos to the depths of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants, those who wish to follow in the footsteps of explorers like Kirk and Pike, military men like Garth and Sisko, diplomats like Picard, and scientists like Janeway are needed every day. The ships of Task Force Nottingham, led by Commodore William "Sherwood" Kenward, Captain and CO of the USS Lincoln, are in the forefront of pushing those boundaries. If you think the "Starfleet challenge" is for you, then come join us, and boldly go...wherever none have gone before.

What we are: A free-form Star Trek RP, relatively new to the site and hoping to ramp things up soon, looking for players ready to go beyond the stars we know for a classic Star Trek experience. We are restarting and very few positions aren't open. However, please PM me, as I have ideas for characters for certain positions if you don't have one ready.

What system we use: Free-form. Everything is done narratively, to keep a flow going without having to bog things down with number-crunching.

Where: On RPoL itself.

How often would you need to post: At least once a week, preferably more.

What do we need: The greatest needs, honestly, aren't in terms of position. Frankly, I need players who are *consistent* and *dedicated.* This restart comes about because of players wandering away from the game. Honestly, at this point, while I have players already in certain high-ranking positions, I would prefer players willing to start at the ground up, earning their way to being a department head rather than starting off that way. I *will* provide the story, and I *will* provide an experience and promotion scale for new players. I need players who *can* and *will* post, at least once a week.

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Wed 14 Dec 2016
at 04:56
(Star Trek) The Yggdrasil Cluster needs you!
If you're interested, this game is still looking for players.
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Wed 11 Jan 2017
at 04:16
(Star Trek) The Yggdrasil Cluster needs you!
The Lincoln is currently in the middle of its first mission and is actually needing a player or two more for ship's department heads.

Right now, we are at least looking for a Chief Medical Officer. (If I had my way, I'd prefer it be a Bajoran, human, or Betazoid officer, but I am certainly not picky.)

The Chief Engineer's post *might* also come open, but it isn't quite open yet. (Again, if it does come open, I'm not picky.)
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Wed 11 Jan 2017
at 07:14
(Star Trek) The Yggdrasil Cluster needs you!
In reply to OhEagle1977 (msg # 3):

Just noticed the advert you had looking for a Chief Medical Officer, and was wondering a couple of things:

1. is the position still open? I have a character from the ST:TRPG (First Edition) that I can use if it is open. If acceptable, I can work up an 'introduction' quickly enough.

2. I'm curious as to which system you are using to flesh out the game with (I have everything that came out for the ST:TRPG system in the 1980s, and even have a first draft of the latest "Star Trek Adventures", if that is what you are using instead.

 Please let me know as soon as you can as to how to proceed. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

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Fri 13 Jan 2017
at 02:21
(Star Trek) The Yggdrasil Cluster needs you!
Hi. I'm not sure the GM checks here, but I play in the game. I don't know if we have a medical officer yet, but the game is free-form, that is, there is no system.
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Fri 13 Jan 2017
at 02:37
(Star Trek) The Yggdrasil Cluster needs you!
In reply to KingHenryBlack (msg # 4):

Yes, the CMO position is, indeed, still open, and as BadCatMan stated, we are a free-form game.
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Sun 23 Apr 2017
at 01:56
(Star Trek) The Yggdrasil Cluster needs you!
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