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Sun 1 Jan 2017
at 01:24
Do you have a lot of time on RPOL for DnD?
I'm asking because I have some room in a game that is five years strong after several incarnations and waves of players who've moved on for one reason or another.  I currently have on tap an 8th level human paladin of Sune, an 8th level drow noble anti-paladin of Loviatar, a 10th level Orc fighter, a 9th level human sorceress, and a 7th level Half-Fiend/Half-Celestial dual template Fighter.  I am not looking for crazy, over the top characters trying to hard to be unique and original.  I am not looking for players that want to play all cutesy or who are one trick ponies coming to the game for only one thing.  And I also am not looking for players who don't want to socialize or interact with the environment, the npcs, and the other PCs.

I do things a bit different then you might be used to.  I keep multiple threads going for your character.  I generally have a "tavern" or "slice of life" thread open with one casual scene going on where you're free to interact with the npcs and pcs there however you wish.  Since there are no dice rolls involved unless I okay it, this doesn't become a problem.  Sometimes these branch off into solo threads for just your character.  While that is going on, I also keep a main "adventure" or "plot thread" going on, where the action is happening.  I try to keep the action threads down to where you shouldn't need more than 10-20 posts to complete the scene.  This really speeds up the otherwise micro-crawl you have to go through to advance your character and accomplish fun stuff (even if it's just getting some gold and a neat peace of loot).  I make this work by keeping it simple.  You can't use anything from one thread to the next until the thread you get it in is complete.  At the very least, I can control when the thread closes so I can always keep things moderated to prevent abuse.  Thankfully it hasn't yet (in all this time) been a problem with any of my players.  But, short story long, yes, this means you could theoretically be a part of three IC threads at the same time, earning triple the experience, loot, information, or other rewards that you might get in a normally paced game.

What I am looking for are dedicated players who have a track record and history of being on rpol.  I am looking for players who understand the psychology of a good post and telling a story.  I want creative players who use their environment, the scenery, the NPCs, and the other PCs in their writing.  I'm about the interactions and the little details.  I am also looking for players who will cooperate.  This is more difficult than it sounds.  :/

I don't want somebody who will have RL pop up and then vanish and come back six months later wondering if I will take them again.  Ugh.  No.  I don't want players who get ridiculously impatient and vanish because there is a bit of a lull or the current scene isn't exactly what they like.  There will be plenty of things happening.  I don't want players who can't handle the consequences for their IC actions either.  There are times you will take your lumps, bumps, bruises, and if necessary, broken bones.  We're all adults. Which brings me right on around to this.

-This is an adult game.
-It will be for 7th level characters.
-Pathfinder rules from the d20pfsrd, except with combat feats for certain, since I fall back on 3.5 in a lot of cases.  It really won't affect the game.
-I will take 4-7, probably more, with the knowledge I will inevitably end up with only 2 or maybe 3 that stick around.  It is not first come, first served.  A writing sample will be required.
-I do not use character archetypes.
-I will not take a look at a character or character concept that isn't on my below list.
-I have some interesting house rules to note.
-I will be going through your inventory and personalizing it with you at the end, so you don't have to worry about that.
-I also already have some generic, pre-established backgrounds and reasons why your characters are involved.
-The game uses the Forgotten Realms as a backdrop, with the Pantheon, some countries, organizations, and names being used and abused as necessary.  I'm not going to lie, I jacked up the world, so you might not recognize it.  Most of the focus is going to be in and around an independent city state between Cormyr and Sembia in the middle of the swamp there.
-The main bad guys or villains of the story is a group called the Red Guard.  They are led by a 'former' cleric of Tyr who promises his New Reformation Order where all other religions are blasphemous unless they unite under his banner.  He has seized Cormyr and is ruling it like a harsh, theocratic king after ousting the rightful heirs.

Here's a list of some of the stuff that's already been done in the game to give you an idea of why you might want to join.
-Defeated a Headless Horseman
-Raided an underground library
-Cleared a factory of terrorists in a terrorist hunt
-Rode wyverns into battle with the theme of Danger Zone
-Encountered some non-hostile Cloud Giants
-Fought off some drow and drider assassins lead by a samurai
-Were defeated by a new, improved, second Headless Horseman and had to retreat
-Had a summer festival and played some festival games.  One of the players is 1 duel away from being this year's arena champion after winning a split decision against a fighter one level higher
-Converted an evil cleric to neutral, made an ally out of him, and might even get him to switch to a good alignment
-AND RIGHT NOW CURRENTLY everyone is in the middle of the Count's party, having a blast.  All of the PCs but one have made their way into a swimming pool, though one of the NPCs and the Anti-Paladin got there because the Orc Fighter picked them both up and jumped in with them.  They've got a Sunite bard rocking the free world with her guitar, and a Thayvian Grand Enchanter and follower of Kossuth asking the Loviatian Anti-Paladin out on a date because he isn't scared of being burned.  There's an open bar, steak on the grill, a whole humidor full of rolled herb cigars, and it looks an awful like the Paladin and the host are hitting it off really, really, well after five years of barely being able to stand in the same room with each other.

Here's a list of what's on tap for the future.
-Liberating a Haunted House
-Defeating the Headless Horseman
-A (red) Dragon Hunt
-Rescuing a Prince & Princess
-Finding a Vigilante calling himself "The Punisher"
-Ending a Prison Riot
-Capturing the fallen paladin Ivanka Stormbourne and collecting the bounty put on her because she murdered a half-orc girl
-Finding and eliminating the leader of the elf terrorists that attacked the factory
-Working with law enforcement to bust a thieves guild that got too greedy
-At least one more party
-Defeating the Headless Horseman...again
-Probably attending a wedding
-Repelling an attack from the Red Guard on Fort Eastward's doorstep
-Stalking and capturing a spy
-And of course a final confrontation with the Red Guard for the ultimate win.

So onto what I will be open to having participate...their gear and bios are pre-generated.  They are pretty sweet.  Some stuff can (and will) be tweaked to your liking.  Please don't ask to play anything other than what's on this list or to change things like race and class.  Everything on the list is carefully selected and planned so it would mesh.  Thank you.

1. Azurabelle Vance; Chaotic Good Female Air Genasi (no level adjustment) Hexblade; Azure comes with a pair of magical rings, a cloak, and a sword.  Azurabelle is eye candy...and she knows it.  Azura, or Azure is sociable and fun.  She's fickle like her element and knows she's only going to live once.  This means she's also willing to try (most) anything once.

2. Winthrop McGinness; Neutral Good Male Human Rogue; in his mid 40s, with a pair grown kids.  He is a casino card sharp, sleight of hand expert, and safe cracker.  He prefers not to fight, but if he must, has a black jack, a hand crossbow, and a stiletto up his sleeve.  He prefers reason and logic to bickering and petty attitude problems.

3. Erdolliel Skyrazor; Lawful Neutral Female Wood Elf Ninja; who just learned she is the daughter of Ivy Skyrazor, a powerful swordmaster.  Erdo has had some setbacks, and after some time off to refocus and recenter herself, is dedicated even more to expanding her skills to new recruits.  Erdo favors a magical boomerang and thrown weapons in combat.

4. River Jack; Chaotic Neutral Female Half-Orc Fighter; is from the Dalelands.  She's a rowdy thing who fights with a sword and shield behind good armor.  She's been in and out of jail and holds her liquor better than most.  River Jack is always on the lookout for more money.

5. Casper Thorogood; Chaotic Good Male Human / Natural Lycanthrope (Werewolf) Rogue 2 / Selune Cleric (5); who knows exactly what he is and how dangerous he is.  He uses his power to protect good creatures and has serious problems with the number of refugees fleeing Red Guard lands and what it means for the swamp.  Casper has some weak starting equipment due to his racial advantages

6. Oleg Piotrokov; True Neutral Human Male Fighter; is mostly retired now after an injury while wrestling a fire giant three years ago.  It was a total mismatch, but Oleg was really drunk.  In his time off, Oleg became a cook.  Now he's a good cook who was once a great fighter.  Back in his day, Oleg was one of the best unarmed fighters in the world, way better than most monks.  He has a very powerful magical belt.

7. Black Todd Jenkins; Neutral Good Male Goblin Fighter (3) / Rogue (4); who is a private investigator that has completed his 3rd successful case.  That's 3 more than any other goblin you've ever heard of, right?  He's lived in Fort Eastward since he was a kid (he's 17 now, which is a full grown adult goblin), and knows the streets inside and out.  He is highly educated, having grown up an orphan and taken care of by the priests and priestesses in the massive cathedral, and is a devout follower of Oghma, the god of knowledge.  Black Todd is a social creature who dresses well and speaks properly in spite of being a small, green, thing.  He fights from stealth when he can and uses a magical spear and uses a magical shield and leather armor.  He also has magical boots.

8. Joe Clayton; Lawful Good Human Male Paladin (of Helm); is a commoner from Cormyr.  He has seen the Red Guard and what they do.  After having fled east with his family and finally landing in Fort Eastward, Joe did the responsible thing.  He went looking for the first outfit that was actually doing something about the Red Guard.  Mr. Clayton's approach to combat is what you expect: Longsword, Full Plate, Large Shield, and another magical item or two that isn't immediately obvious.

9. Chelsey Fogrunner; Lawful Neutral Female Half-elf Slayer; Chelsey is an Ex-Red Guard Captain that has seen the light. Born in Sembia, Chelsey never knew her elven father.  He was a bard.  But her mother married a Cormyrian Purple Dragon Knight later in life.  After years of traveling around as a bounty hunter Chelsey returned home to work with her step father for good pay.  After 5 years in the Red Guard as an enforcer, tracker, stalker, and at times, assassin, Chelsey finally felt like she crossed one too many lines.  She abandoned her post after killing her commanding officer, fought her way free, and fled east to Fort Eastward, where to her surprise, she was welcomed by the church of Helm.  Chelsey is now on a mission of redemption, trying to make up for what she did wrong.  She fights with a greatsword and a bow.  She uses leather armor.

10. Victoria Doombringer; True Neutral Female Human Warmage; Victoria is a noble who lost it all.  She didn't care about the Red Guard or the Reformation Order.  Victoria is an adventurer from the Dalelands who married a Necromancer and bought a piece of land from the Cormyrian crown.  They had a happy family with close friends to care for their two children when out on the road and all was well.  The Red Guard struck while Victoria was in Sembia dealing with pirates and a stolen painting worth a small fortune.  They claimed that her husband, a devout of Mystra, the goddess of magic, was spreading heresy against the order.  The Inquisitor had the house burned down to the ground.  Victoria's husband was tortured to death.  Her children fled further west, to Calimsham with her husband's brother and wife.  Victoria hasn't seen them since.  On the outside, she is a wife who has grieved for two years now, and acts like someone that has decided it's time to move on.  On the inside, Victoria is seething with fury.  The mere mention of the Red Guard (let alone sight) is enough to cause a fight. Victoria has a powerful magical staff, some rings, some gloves, and a robe.

11. Hector Juan Santiago del Rosa El Salvatore; Chaotic Neutral Male Human Swashbuckler; is a man from nowhere and everywhere.  He comes from a place that's hard to pronounce, but he got into trouble and had to leave.  Hector is a master swordsman.  He is a fencer and a duelist.  He fights because he's good at it, because he gets paid, and because the pretty ladies seem to like it when men fight over them.  Hector is a sell sword.  His primary motivation is money. Lots of money.  Hector uses a rapier in combat, and obviously favors light gear.

12. Rebekah Tyrsson; Lawful Good Female Human Cleric (of Tyr); Rebekah comes from the Savage Frontier.  Her father was a paladin of Tyr, and one of the survivors of the trip to the underdark with Cardinal Northrend, leader of the Red Guard.  Things went wrong, somewhere, and Rebekah knows something isn't right.  The last year of his life, Rebekah's father was miserable.  But after he died, Rebekah inherited some strange items.  Rebekah is terse.  She is dedicated and vigilant.  Her main focus is understanding what happened to her father and how it lead to his tragic death.  Rebekah doesn't like violence but she isn't scared of it either.  She favors chainmail, a shield, and a sword in combat but isn't bad mounted.

13. Hogan Redgate; True Neutral Male Human Cleric (of Sharess); "Pimpin' ain't easy, but it sure is fun." That's Hogan's motto.  Hogan is a Sembian "merchant" if he can be called that.  He is a cleric on a mission to establish Sharess's presence in Fort Eastward's Midnight Cathedral, but he's run into a big problem.  Sharess simply doesn't (yet) have the popularity.  So Hogan intends to use his wit, his lady-killing good looks, and his awesome physical prowess to charm, seduce, and if necessary, beat Sharess's good times into everyone's hearts and minds.  Hogan can't resist a lady.  Especially a beautiful one.  Anything he can to have a go is what he will do.  Married, single, a cougar, a wench, a nubile schoolgirl, it doesn't matter.  Hogan would please every woman he found if he could, the more important and popular, the better.  Hogan is a confident, alpha male.  He takes pride in his life's calling, and has deep religious knowledge.  He's also an expert healer.  Hogan prefers non-violent methods for dealing with the fairer sex, but when it comes to fighting other men, he fights like a fierce lion.  Hogan's weapon is a personalized cane (club), and a throwing knife that returns to his hand.  He has a variety of useful, magical jewelry and is almost never seen without his thick, furred cloak.

14. Rozkad the Unworthy; Lawful Evil Male Drow (noble with no LA) Fighter; thinks he's going to dedicate his life to Loviatar now that he's on the surface and seen what happened with Minylene.  He's a strong male drow, an excellent two weapon fighter, and knows his share of pain.  The scars on his body say so.  Deep baritone and cold stares combined with angry beatings keep most people in line around Rozkad.  He fights with a pair of pick axes.


And there.  That's pretty much it.  I understand that not every one of the above characters is to everyone's liking.  I understand that maybe none of them are.  I also understand that maybe only one or two of them are and they might get picked up by another player.  For that, I apologize in advance.  The best I can say is keep the game tabbed and drop me a line.  If I need a replacement player or get some new ideas and flesh them into the game I can contact you back.  Otherwise...Ignore my RTJ thread since you're not applying with a unique character and the rules are dated.  Pay attention to the notification that pops up when you RTJ instead.  And please don't send me incomplete RTJs, not even as place holders.  I will delete them and not respond to you.

Thank you.

Good times.


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Thu 5 Jan 2017
at 14:17
Forgotten Realms game using Pathfinder rules

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Tue 10 Jan 2017
at 09:10
Forgotten Realms game using Pathfinder rules
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Thu 12 Jan 2017
at 23:11
Forgotten Realms game using Pathfinder rules

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Mon 1 May 2017
at 13:32
Forgotten Realms game using Pathfinder rules
Bump.  Yes.  It's a Bump.  But I changed the very first post to update and reflect new stuff.  Sorry!

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Mon 8 May 2017
at 22:17
Do you have a lot of time on RPOL for DnD?

I have collected my first wave of players after running the advertisement.  The concept that mixes Inigo Montoya, Eddie Guerrero, and Antonio Banderas as a one-handed duelist and fencing mercenary with a love of ladies and gold has been snagged.  So far the player has proven to be a slick as his character's mustache.

I picked up a Samurai on a mission of dire consequences who believes failure is not an option, and a Hexblade making his presence known to the Prince and rightful heir to the throne.  I picked up a drow warrior and older sister to my already present Anti-Paladin too.

I will take another round of applicants.  But please pay attention to the notes that pop up in my RTJ message when you do apply.  And yes, there is a reason I am only accepting people willing to pick up one of my above mentioned concepts.  They can be tweaked and customized to some degree.  Some things are pretty set in stone.  But if you go through the process and are dedicated, you will like this game.  I have something for everyone.

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Thu 11 May 2017
at 02:36
Do you have a lot of time on RPOL for DnD?
Due to the overwhelming responses, I am now closing down requests for the time being.  We'll see about it again in a few weeks or a couple of months once some of this current wave thins itself out.
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Fri 19 May 2017
at 02:53
Do you have a lot of time on RPOL for DnD?
Sure, why not?  One more bump.
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Sat 16 Sep 2017
at 03:35
Seeking Replacements!!! (Adult PF based FR campaign)
Updated from my above post.

Here's the skinny.  I will take players to replace characters that have been abandoned over the years.  The game generally uses Pathfinder rules, but I still use 3.5 for combat feats since I don't use CMD and CMB.  There are a few house rules that I'm sure you'll pick up, but we don't beat you down if you don't know them immediately.  This game has been active for 5 years give or take a month or two, and the players who have stuck around have gone from level 3 to level 8 or 9, or in Kilgar's case, level 10.  Their gear is far, far, far above what 'starting gold' says they should have.  Some of this stuff is ridiculous, but those who can do it, deserve it.

We write.  We write good posts in paragraph format, approximately 2-3 times a week.  One liners are bad.  Ignoring details and other PCs is also bad.  We talk junk to each other in OOC when we do funny stuff, too.  Just earlier this week my Pally player crit fumbled a ride check.  My Demoness player just got herself shanked in the liver by a hitman.  The Samurai likes cookies, and one of the drow just -has- to take this stuff called 'bacon' back to the underdark when she eventually goes back.  The point is, there is personality.  Things happen.  If you're interested, here is what I currently have available

-Kilgar Axeface: 10th level Orc Fighter, and he's a beast.  He's also a "House Orc" who hates orcs and likes humans.  Humans live in houses, sleep in beds, and collect treasure.  Orcs live in mud and straw huts, sleep in the dirt, and don't bathe.  Kilgar prides himself on 'being clean and respectable' with the occasional reminder that he is an orc.  Might makes right, and Kilgar is mighty.

-Evony Skatterhawk: 8th or 9th level Human [Air Elemental] Sorceress.  She's currently 2 steps away from the throne of Cormyr, and channels her inner Cersei Lannister + Stoner chick hedonist to flip between being a royal b*tch and sexy hot silly without realizing it.

-Azurabelle Vance: 7th level (no ECL) Air Genasi Hexblade, Rogue, or, I'm probably going to regret this... Magus.  The character's Original Player never finished making it through development.

-Hogan Redgate: 7th level Human Sharess Cleric.  Pimpin' ain't easy.  The character is a pimp.  He even uses a club (cane) as a weapon and wears a fur cloak.  The player hasn't really been involved, but the character was well played as a healer.  He's extremely well educated and is, at his core, still a cleric.

-T'rissylen Godelyl: 9th level Drow (no ECL) noble Fighter.  She mixes Ivy (Soul Calibure) with a whole lot of V:tM's Lucita to be a quiet, yet visually loud warrior.  She spent significant time on the surface before returning to the Underdark, only to have to flee years later during her house's destruction.  She requires some specific details to be shared.

-Minylene Godelyl: Miny is an 8th or 9th level Drow (again no ECL) noble Anti-Paladin of Loviatar.  She is one of the oldest and most powerful characters in the game, but her player has a regular habit for vanishing a month or two at a time.  We are constantly waiting on the player to post, and I'm beyond tired of things being held up.

-Hector the Longname: Hector is a 7th level Swashbuckler.  He hasn't had much time to develop, but the Original Poster was channeling his inner Inigo Montoya.

The players that are currently associated with any of the characters have been put on notice that they will be replaced if they don't get their acts together and someone else wants to give the character a shot.  This is not the first, second, or third warning for any of them.  Specifically, I am looking for players who are dedicated, will be happy to get a character that is pretty awesome (Over Powered compared to other characters of the same class and level, trust me.  Ability scores were generated with 4d4+4 reroll 1s, and max HPs per level.), and who actually want to advance the story, complete quests, and grow even more powerful.  I am not at all interested in people who are flaky, who will be around for a month or two and then suddenly, RL means they can't play anymore, and wallflowers who have no intention of interacting with anyone, both OOC and IC.  I am not looking for OCs, or drastic changes (like class or race).

I've been doing this a long time.  Take a look.  I'm not going anywhere.  Neither is the game.  :)
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