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Wed 11 Jan 2017
at 17:28
Midnight: the Kingless Men (FATE Core)
“We are the kingless men.
Beneath no unjustly-won crown do we bend our backs.
Before no black priest's altar do we kneel.
To no orc butcher's blade do we offer our necks.
We are the kingless men.
Our lives are free 'neath the starry wood's boughs.
Our freedom is earned with arrow and blood.”

~ Creed of the Kingless Men

Concept: A band of resistance fighters in the woodlands in the MIDNIGHT campaign setting, weakening, infiltrating and suborning the enemy's strongholds, hierarchy and resources. Inspired by the tales of Robin Hood and the Shadow of Mordor videogame.

The PCs will have to decide their objectives, gather intelligence on their targets, diminish the enemy's strengths through trickery, bribery, attrition, sabotage, ambush and treachery, gather allies and resources, establish new camps and explore the region and its secrets.

The game will be semi-sandbox (the PCs able to largely chart their own course and the world reacting to them, with enemy initiatives and plots to respond to as well). There will be a focus on the faces of evil, the characters that make up the ranks of the enemy's hierarchy from commanders to lieutenants to field leaders - gaining intelligence on their strengths and vulnerabilities and manipulating these will be essential to success. Assassinate a brutal slave overseer, and another will rise to take his place... but with proper planning, the PCs may be able to ensure a less-sadistic figure succeeds their victim, or one they can bribe or coerce into cooperation.

In FATE-mechanical terms, this will involve uncovering the Aspects of enemy officers so they can be tagged during conflicts, and even planting Aspects on them for later use or as a consequence of inconclusive battles. Burn down an orc commander's lair and he may have a Fear of Fire aspect the next time you encounter him, for example. Enemy strongholds will have 'skills' of their own (Communications, Logistics, Armoury, Morale, Manpower) that determine the toughness of the troops garrisoning them, and ablating these ratings through sabotage and attrition will be essential before assaulting or raiding them.

Scale: Regional - focused on one defined area of Eredane (the Aster Forest, the large woodlands north of Alvedara, capital of the occupied Kingdom of Erenland), the sites and factions within it, with limited travel beyond this area.

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Thu 12 Jan 2017
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Midnight: the Kingless Men (FATE Core)
In reply to Dirigible (msg # 1):

This sounds interesting.  I don't know anything about the setting beyond the linked wikipedia article, though.
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Fri 13 Jan 2017
at 19:30
Midnight: the Kingless Men (FATE Core)
That's OK! The scale of this campaign is local and specific enough that I can probably tell you what you need to know.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 18:26
Midnight: the Kingless Men (FATE Core)
Bump! Two players so far, looking for a couple more. As mentioned, knowledge of the MIDNIGHT setting is not strictly required.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 23:45
Midnight: the Kingless Men (FATE Core)
I'd be incredibly interested in this sort of thing, the sound and feel of it are amazing and I love FATE. I don't know anything about the setting, but as long as you're willing to give me a hand and lemme know what the other characters involved are like so there's not too much overlap I'd be excited to join!