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  • The game is located in the Fantasy category.
  • It has 3,077 posts and is run by raieylan.
  • Its last post was made at 00:03, Today.
  • The game is currently requesting players.
  • It contains mature content.

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 member, 31 posts
Mon 16 Jan 2017
at 22:22
Forgotten realms game requires player
Legends forged is a reasonably new game that requires a spellcasters (arcane) to magically reinforce the current team.

Must be able to post every 4 days minimum. Rules for character generation are under character creation rules. This is not a first come gets suituation...I am after a quality player looking to stick around for a potentially long running game. So a indepth and good history can make all the difference.

Any questions, please feel free to ask
 member, 3 posts
Tue 17 Jan 2017
at 23:41
Forgotten realms game requires player
Hello, i'd like to know a bit more about this game. What arcane classes are available in your campaign? Do you need a specific class? Also, i'm sort of a newcomer to roleplaying, but i have a 3.5 ed PH and a DMG to refer to in any case.
 member, 32 posts
Thu 7 Dec 2017
at 01:05
Forgotten realms game requires player
With the possible departure of a player, i have room for a person to step in and help forge a new destiny.

I am in need of either a tank-type character or a archer

Please pm me any questions
 member, 33 posts
Sun 10 Dec 2017
at 22:40
Forgotten realms game requires player
We have another opening for a player.

More information about the game owner, raieylan:

raieylan does not run any other games.