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  • It contains adult content.

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 member, 6 posts
Fri 3 Mar 2017
at 07:37
Welcome to the planet Coras, a large planet ravaged by war and famine where the wealthy are the powerful and the poor are the forgotten.

The shining beacon for the wealthy is Aeros, a vibrant, decadent and lovely technological wonder inhabited by the beautiful Chosen. Aeros is called 'The City of the clouds' because it floats high above the refuse that is the lower lands. The Chosen live in shining suites and live as gods.

Below Aeros, on the ground and in the massive city are the homes and businesses of the Exalted and the Forgotten. The Forgotten live in a world filled with danger and darkness as street gangs run rampant and crime is high. The Exalted in contrast run the city at large, their influence on Aeros varies, but their grip on Corath itself is undisputed. Without their industrial might, and social distractions Aeros and Corath would surely fall to pieces.

Aeros has a terrible secret.

The Chosen routinely abduct those of the Forgotten they have use for. Be it for menial labor, security or for other purposes. The Forgotten are trained to be the perfect servant for the Chosen. However unknown to the Forgotten, the Chosen are only to keep their 'pets' as long as they are amused by them before disposing of them and take on new ones.

Come to Coras and live among the Chosen, Exalted and above or become one of the Forgotten.
 member, 7 posts
Mon 20 Mar 2017
at 16:05
Always looking for more.
 member, 8 posts
Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 01:04
More players are always welcome.
 member, 9 posts
Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 06:18
Players always wanted. Inquire within.
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