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 member, 1 post
Sat 4 Mar 2017
at 11:22
Beyond infinity?
For a soon to start sci-fi game I am looking for players interested in exposing the great expanse of space.

With humanity at the brink of extinction, colony ship CS-8 Marco Polo sets out towards Alpha Centauri. On board 5000 cryo pods, with all walks of life on board to find a new earth.
Selected by a world-wide lottery, the crew has one task. Find a new planet to live, and get word back to earth before it goes explosemaboomy.

Players will be part of that crew.

Interested? Pm me, or go check out the game thread and send a request to join up.

Game will be rules light d20, heavy roleplay. Characters can  mostly do what they want, when the want, with GM fleshing out the big storylines.

Would you like to know more?
 member, 2 posts
Mon 6 Mar 2017
at 18:56
Beyond infinity?
2 more players needed to get us started...
 member, 3 posts
Fri 10 Mar 2017
at 18:23
Beyond infinity?
We have started. Colony ship 8 has suffered a 'slight' malfunction, waking its passengers about 115 years too late.
So now how do we fix this?

Come join us and find out.
Colonists of all shapes and sizes needed...
 member, 4 posts
Sun 12 Mar 2017
at 05:26
Beyond infinity?
First crisis avoided. The ship is safe. If you wanna wake up from cryo now is the right time. Opportunity awaits.
 member, 5 posts
Sun 19 Mar 2017
at 10:44
Beyond infinity?
With more people slowly waking up, life begins to resemble a piece of normality on the Marco Polo.
But who was behind the sabotage? How do we fix the engines? And is there any way we can avoid the infighti9ng bound to happen on a drifting hunk of steel in the middle of nowhere?
Will we find a planet? Are we lost? Are we even alone?

Wanna join our crew and carve a future for humanity? PM me, or send an RTJ, we can have you up and running in no time. Join our crew of fresh and experienced players alike. Lets go, Beyond infinity!
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