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Sorry, better luck next time.
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Thu 9 Mar 2017
at 03:34
Mysteries and Bubble Gum
Your story began in 2015, just after the winter. For reasons of your own, you and your friends were established in the city of Chigago. Perhaps when you have solved several Mysteries, your Cabal will be recognized, unless you fall before.

I accept lurker.

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Thu 1 Jun 2017
at 03:16
Mysteries and Bubble Gum
After a quick investigation, the group found and vanquished two creatures of the night. The cabal is looking to recruit a Mastigos to help balance their abilities after one of their own left.

Are you this mage?

I will pick the character somewhere in the weekend.

As always, I accept lurkers.

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Thu 10 Aug 2017
at 00:46
Mysteries and Bubble Gum
The cabal is trying to find a Mad One. Could you be the Enchanter (Acanthus) who is destined to help them? Or are you the Thaumaturge (Obrimos) that will reveal magic secrets?

As always, I accept lurkers.