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Sun 19 Mar 2017
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Micro: One Page Dungeon [5th Edition]
This is a idea I have been kicking around for a while now. There has been for the past several years a competition for One Page Dungeons, and there have been some really good ones.

I had to stop my games on here several months ago because I lost my job, and now that my situation has stabilized I want to run a game on here again. While I have been a member on RPOL for a while now I have never 'finished' a single adventure on here.

So this game is in theory going to fix that. Micro is a series of one page dungeons connected by membership in the Lords' Alliance, a faction in Forgotten Realms. Each adventure is self contained, but part of a larger story. So you can play one, and drop out for another, and rejoin later.

There will be progression in the sense that the story moves along, and each adventure will be higher level than the last.

The first adventure will be the players seeking membership with the Lords' Alliance. Your mission if you choose to accept it is the exploration of a old dwarven museum. Bringing back anything of value along with a completed map of the dungeon will give your characters membership.

I am looking for 4-6 players. Note that maps along with monster information will be on a google doc. So you will at the very least need a google account so you can see the sheet and edit it. Further I tend to be pretty upfront with what happens when you fail checks, and I tend to adhere to the fail forward method.

So as a example if you fail to climb up a wall, you still succeed but you take damage or something falls out of your pack. I will clearly state what happens when you fail a check, and what the DC is.

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