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Wed 19 Apr 2017
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City of Mutants
The City of Mutants is a futuristic tale of ten 13-19 year old humans, who have been supernaturally enhanced by a corrupt scientific conglomerate, named the Ironclad Institutions. It is a story of corporate syndicate wars in a Utopian future and the hubris they perpetrate.

The Cold War ended in 1962, when the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated too far. Both the USSR and the United States unleashed their full destructive power upon each other, and they crumbled to the ground. Most other areas were left unscathed, such as the United Kingdom and all of Africa. Out of the ashes of the Midwest, the Citadel arose, a shining beacon of security and peace in a lawless country. As the world began to rebuild, the Citadel remained independent, becoming a sprawling city-state. Soon, scientific researchers flocked to this liberal heaven to further their studies and refine their work.

Finnigan Hick, founder and Head Researcher at Ironclad Institutions, started The Citadel Defense Project in 2010. This Project was kept a secret by Grand Councilor Goodbrough and his administration because of its sensitive nature. Its stated purpose was to create a generation of super soldiers to defend the Citadel from threats that ordinary humans could not solve. However, Hick had his own plans. The Project started by formulating a volatile serum, called Promethesol, and it was first tested on small animals. They had a prodigious failure rate, and when the serum did not kill the subject, it created a mutated monstrosity. Hick ordered that the monsters, dubbed terasites, were to be contained and stored for further testing. Meanwhile, he moved on to unsanctioned human testing. Hick hired a group of unscrupulous hit-men to kidnap young homeless people for him to use as unwilling lab rats. At first, the tests seemed to be working. The serum bestowed upon these poor souls powers of incredible power, but soon, they all went mad. The serum seemed to have an adverse effect on a fully developed brain. They could not cope with the dosage. So, Hick moved on to children. 16 children were abducted, straight from the hospital right after birth, and their treatments started immediately. He started by giving them minuscule doses, slowly acclimating their brains to the destructive and random nature of the serum. They were raised by Hick within a black site outside of the city limits, and taught that they had been chosen to defend the Citadel. Meanwhile, Killian Cook, the son-in-law of an old colleague of Finnigan Hick, had started his own experiments with Promethesol based on his late-father-in-law's research.

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